PER® Wet Room Matting 90cm By the Metre

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NEW anti-microbial slip resistant ‘cut to fit’ wet room matting, for large or difficult areas. Cut for you by the metre in 90cm width.

PER® Wet Room Matting 90cm By the Metre

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Kes 20/08/17. Brilliant! Best shower mat I've ever bought - would recommend it to anyone! Delighted - brilliant product & Practical Surfacewear have been extremely speedy & efficient!
Kes 20/08/17
Jo 20/08/17. Wonderful Non-~Slip Mat. We have a big walk-in shower and it would be easy to slip on the wet porcelain. This 'bath' mat is absolutely perfect. Stays put, soft to walk on, the white colour makes it unobtrusive, easy to spray & dry and pop in the washing machine every couple of weeks. And the service from Practical Surfaceware is second to none. I bought a spare mat this time - just in case there's no stock when I next want to order! The shower is used three times a day and I reckon the mat lasts a year before I get fussy and want a new bright white one!!
Jo 20/08/17
Davebakerpurton 29/06/17. It works. I was getting mould under the mattress [ we spend 3 months at a time in it ] since we installed this it's gone completely,
Davebakerpurton 29/06/17
Nicold 20/06/17 Large rug was moving all over the place. Hasn't moved at all now. Thank you, excellent product highly recommended
Nicold 20/06/17
George 13/06/17 Seems fine, cuts to size easily, certainly nonslip.
George 13/06/17
Jill 28/08/17 After trying numerous products with no success I now have rugs that do not move on my carpet thanks to your product. Thank you
Jill 28/08/17
Hobbit 16/05/17 Laid it on top of the metal base in a bedroom part of our trailer tent, solved the problem of our mattress and bedding getting damp through condensation. Works a treat.
Hobbit 16/05/17
John 18/04/17 Boot Liner. Cut to fit table in galley on fishing boat works a treat nothing moves good heavy gear not the usual thin rubbish
John 18/04/17
JL 14/04/17 Very pleased with this. Using it on the boat and nothing is now sliding around. Also brilliant service from advice to quick delivery.
JL 14/04/17
Rumble 03/04/17 PVC: Leave it in situ before cutting to size. It shrinks on the length
Rumble 03/04/17
Lynda 01/02/17 received mats. Excellent service, quality and packaging. Very pleased. Thank you
Lynda 01/02/17
Trevor 24/01/17 Excellent, safe, peace of mind, my wife has multiple sclerosis so non-slip is absolutely essential and this product is the most secure and non-slip I've encountered:
Trevor 24/01/17
By Monty 15/01/17 Fantastic product. Perfect, totally safe and truly non-slip. Only wish we had found this years ago. Would highly recommend this product.
By Monty 15/01/17
KEITH 25/12/16 Absolutely brilliant, nothing moves, best quality.well priced. Super quick delivery, and that was the week before Christmas.
KEITH 25/12/16
Brenda C 14/12/16 First rate. Lovely and soft to my feet and very light. Thought the hook for drying a good idea
Brenda C 14/12/16
Tringy 11/12/16 Brilliant Product second time of purchasing this. Easy to lay. Great for every type of wet room, shower etc. Just doesn't slip.
Tringy 11/12/16
Jon 11/12/16 Attractive, safe and warm to touch, and a good size to boot, covers the entire floor of shower.
Jon 11/12/16
Roberto 25/10/16. Excellent product. Gave us the confidence we needed to get in and out of our new bath which has a very slippery surface.
Roberto 25/10/16
Curlylox 20/10/16. Very Good Quality. This was my second shower mat. Was happy with the first one just needed a new one. Very good buy.
Curlylox 20/10/16
Doug 06/10/16 First class. Should be called a magic carpet
Doug 06/10/16
The Blakey 30/09/16 Excellent product. Agree with all the positive reviews - easy to clean, easy to hang and dry, and is very non-slip - perfect!
The Blakey 30/09/16
Carrie 07/09/16 Amazing I am so pleased with this I have put in on my shed floor and I am very pleased with it. I also am extremely pleased with the Customer Service from this company in my opinion 'Claire' was so helpful and nothing was too much trouble. I would recommend this product and this Company to everyone. What a refreshing change to not have to go through hoops to get what you would like.
Carrie 07/09/16
Keith 31/08/16 Excellent, These are my third purchase. It is an excellent product. A mat will last about a year before it starts to show any signs of mould, usually around the suction caps first. This will clean off easily at first. The main cause of mould is some of the chemicals in shower gels and not really the mats fault (these chemicals affect tile grout as well).
Keith 31/08/16
GW 23/08/16 Does the job, This is our third bath mat which we use in the shower and with heavy use it lasts over a year. Considering we leave it in place most of the time that is a great performance. My only gripe is when will the promised large shower mat in white be launched as it is only in a naff blue at the moment!!
GW 23/08/16
Rotiel 23/08/16 First Class product! Finished in an attractive shade of blue - very comfy and cozy on your feet - absolutely no more slipping about in the shower - machine washable- highly recommended !
Rotiel 23/08/16
Caro 18/08/16 I received excellent help and advice from this company when I telephoned them. This product is very good and is soft to stand on, as stated. My only criticism is that all the suction pads of the under side of the mat, reduce the comfort of the mat. My husband and I both found that it didn't encourage you to hang about under the shower for any more than necessary! Fewer suction pads would make it much more comfortable.
Caro 18/08/16
Jen 05/08/16 Works Well, This product has stopped a small rug from moving about the carpet on which it lies. So far it works well and has stopped an irritation problem. It was easy to install.
Jen 05/08/16
Dick 31/07/16 Very pleased, I made a paper template of the size & shape & used that to cut the mat to size. It is a really excellent product. Comfortable to stand on and does away with any danger of slipping in the shower.
Dick 31/07/16
happichappi (23/7/16) all round excellence, Great website, informative and easy to use. Very quick response to any queries. Very quick to post samples and order - both received within 24 hours of ordering them. Very well packaged, product is great, good quality, easy to cut -
happichappi (23/7/16)
Eleanor (13/7/16) Brilliant. This shower mat is the best I have seen. It is lightweight, non-smelly and completely non slip. I attach it to the tiles after showering by one corner, to enable it to drain and dry. Very soft and comfortable under foot as well.
Eleanor (13/7/16)
Ray 12/07/16 This stuff is great, Pleasantly surprised - easy to cut and fit (even around a curved shower tray), and comfortable to walk on.
Ray 12/07/16
Tim (10/7/16) : Excellent product, I bought this for the cockpit surfaces in our boat to stop the glare and provide a non-slip surface. It does this perfectly and being slightly heavier than many rival products it doesn't blow away when we have the cockpit sides open.
Tim (10/7/16)
Brian T Kettering (09/07/16) no more slipping in the shower, Thank you so much for the mat I received from you it is perfect no more slipping in the shower
Brian T Kettering (09/07/16)
Mary (29/6/16) Very pleased with the shower mat, feel very confident using it. Would recommend to anyone wanting a shower mat that you do not slip on
Mary (29/6/16)
Rogerpendragon (28/06/16) Now the surface of our wetroom is not only safe to stand and walk on, but lovely and warm on bare feet when we cross it for the toilet, too!
Rogerpendragon (28/06/16)
Frances (22/06/16) We love it, Bought to make a bath mat (we both hate bathmats with suckers underneath) and at 90cm wide, we bought a meter, enough for three mats, so we have a lifetime's supply! Lovely and warm underfoot and it doesn't slide around in the bath,
Frances (22/06/16)
Sally J (22/06/16) very impressed with delivery time. Fits perfectly. time will tell re its durability
Sally J (22/06/16)
Eric (16/06/16) We had been looking for something like this for a while. We use it in our Motorhome to cover the sink & hob glass tops, as well as protecting the glass it also looks good. Also we leave some items on it while we're travelling.

Eric (16/06/16)
Good product (14/06/16) Soft and comfortable. Very good product and great service
Good product (14/06/16)
Chris588 (12/6/16) Seems to be a great product. The same type of product now used by Hymer in their motorhomes.Hopefully it will stop moisture problems.
Chris588 (12/6/16)
Chris (2/6/16) Excellent product, so good I have ordered more. Using to line shelves and cupboards within motorhome. 1st class delivery, under 2days.
Chris (2/6/16)
This is a super bath/shower mat. It feels lovely under-foot as it is so soft. I would have no hesitation in ordering from Practical Surfaceware as this is the second product I have ordered from them and they both arrived the following day. Excellent service and very pleasant staff.
Morag (26/05/16)
I first purchased one of these for my 90 year old mother, who says she now feels very secure using her shower. It was such a success that I got one for my husband too. Highly recommended and the service was fast and friendly.. Thank you!
2Antartica (15/05/16)
Fast delivery - two days. Purchased one of these tablecloths a few years back to fit a rectangle wooden table and loved it, so purchased another one for our now small square patio glass table (34" square) we have. Never been disappointed in the quality, been able to leave it out in all weathers, it washes well and stops marks from hot and cold drinks and scratches from my grand children's toys! Looks great. Worth every penny. Would recommend.
Jan (7/05/16)
Lido (2/5/16) Lightweight, warm to foot touch, comfortable and secure to stand on.
Lido (2/5/16)
Smith 964 (1/5/16) After a recent slip in the shower I decided a mat might be a good idea, this one is great and I feel much more confident in the shower.
Smith 964 (1/5/16)
Len (1/5/16) Bought this product to replace adhesive non slip dots on 1200 x 900 shower tray. It was very easy to lay and cut, using kitchen scissors, to make a perfect fit. In use it feels very secure and water drains through it easily. would recommend to anyone.
Len (1/5/16)
Topcat (26/4/16)
Steve (24/6/16) Does exactly what it says. Excellent product
Steve (24/6/16)
Jo (5/4/16) The mat is soft and comfortable underfoot (we use it in the big shower). It stays put, is flexible, easy to clean (washing instructions given) and certainly the best shower mat I've ever used. Isagi products are all excellent and well worth the purchase. We also have the smaller mat since this bigger one has only just become available again. Practical Surfaceware are great stockists, pack and send online orders without delay. Thankyou!
Jo (5/4/16)
Gill (5/4/16) Until I found these I would use tray cloths on the lap trays. These mats and coasters are a perfect solution - not only are they non slip but we can also see the pictures on the trays. Thank you
Gill (5/4/16)
davebakerpurton (24/3/16) We had mildew under our caravan mattress, cleaned and washed it, then fitted Airmat, after 3 years mildew has not returned
davebakerpurton (24/3/16)
Pipran (22/3/16) Purchased (PVC) to protect a circular glass topped table from people chucking things on it and it does that job excellently
Pipran (22/3/16)
Ron B (8/03/16) Very impressed. Seems warm to touch on the feet, and definitely non-slip (Wet Room Matting)
Ron B (8/03/16)
Excellent Product (22/02/16) This is a great product nothing moves in the boot of the car.
Excellent Product (22/02/16)
Gary (21/2/16)..our first winter night on board without a damp mattress. I would say that this product is a "no brainier" for any boat with a foam mattress.
Gary (21/2/16)
covelord (17/02/16) using the product for several situations-floor of Audi Estate for Golden Retriever, under 'Welcome' door mat.The mat does not move even when wet,
covelord (17/02/16)
ZEN (16/02/16) Purchased to protect our new kitchen table top. used this product before so know it well - used on our old table for years with excellent results.
ZEN (16/02/16)
Brutus (10/02/16) I use it in my large shower which is new and very slippery it fits beautifully and as the shower is mostly white the blue goes very well with it.
Brutus (10/02/16)
Rena (03/02/16) My telephone enquiries were expertly dealt with. Delivery very quick, and we installed it quickly.
Rena (03/02/16)
Jo (31/01/16) Wanted to protect wooden table from splashes from fish tank. Clear, ideal thickness, easy to mark and cut with scissors.
Jo (31/01/16)
A (26/01/16) It looks good, easy to clean and gives me confidence I won't slip when getting in and out of the shower. Delivery very prompt.
A (26/01/16)
April (25/01/16) It feels soft and warm, really comfortable. I feel safer getting in and out of the shower. I'll definitely get another.
April (25/01/16)
Shellywelly (25/01/16) Excellent service love the shower mat, would recommend.
Shellywelly (25/01/16)
Chalky White (12/01/16) Stayput? Just brings memories of Stay Puff in Ghost Busters. Thanks excellent product - would recommend.
Chalky White (12/01/16)
PP (20/12/15) Really pleased with this mat. Comfortable, functional and a good fit. Would certainly use this site and product again
PP (20/12/15)
Craven (24/11/15) Excellent service, my bath mat arrived almost before I had clicked 'order'! I wish every other online firm was so speedy.
Craven (24/11/15)
Chris L (15/11/15) Nice shower mat, this shower mat is worth the money looks good sticks to the floor well, feels good to stand on
Chris L (15/11/15)
Jim (11/11/15) first class product, an excellent product which fully lives up to its description
Jim (11/11/15)
Trevor (03/11/15) Such a straightforward product and so brilliant, the most 'non-slip' matting we've been able to find, utterly safe and non-slip, I'm more than impressed
Trevor (03/11/15)
Tinyto (03/11/15) Excellent product, soft and comfortable, feels very safe and has good anti-slip properties for my 91 year old frail other to use
Tinyto (03/11/15)
Lesley (02/11/15) Rug to carpet underlay and can't express how wonderful it is, been down for just over a week and rug hasn't moved !
Lesley (02/11/15)
Nikki (30/10/15) We ordered at 2pm and the following morning at 8.30am they arrived...what a service and what a product. They are excellent!
Nikki (30/10/15)
mustnotslip (29/09/15) 'I MUST NOT SLIP' this is my mantra..fits our shower perfectly. We have one we take away on holiday so that we feel safe everywhere.
mustnotslip (29/09/15)
Redbart (21/09/15) The item is superb and perfect for the shower.
Redbart (21/09/15)
jst (24/09/15)...service was excellent. Delivery was fast and great communication and help with ordering. So thank you
jst (24/09/15)
E.A.D (19/09/15) These mats are AMAZING! They are definitely non-slip and work perfectly. I’m absolutely over the moon. Worth every penny!
E.A.D (19/09/15)
John (13/09/15) This is second item of the same kind I've ordered. Both work well, Delivery fast and accurate. Five star stuff!
John (13/09/15)
Dr D Nilma (11/09/15) Ordered online as unavailable colour in Australia!! Had great customer service and product arrived within a week, excellent service and products
Dr D Nilma, Australia (11/09/15)
Bee (07/09/15) Best anti slip underlay I have ever used!! My sister recommended your product to me and it has lived up to all her praise.
Bee (07/09/15)
Danielle (25/08/15) Excellent product ...Just does the job! Nothing moves around in the car boot any longer!
Danielle (25/08/15)
Great. Very comfy underfoot, no slipping and dries quickly. (Bath Mat)
Marianne (23/08/15)
Excellent result. Quick delivery and it does exactly what we wanted it to.
Ian (06/08/15)
Alice (24/07/15)...after trying carpets plastic storage, boxes.. now sheer bliss to have boot peace on our journeys. many thanks
Alice (24/07/15)
Samme (23/07/15) Great easy to fit product. Purchased for use under boat mattress. Very pleased indeed!
Samme (23/07/15)
TC (15/07/15) Very impressed. Excellent service, order arrived the next day. Very happy with purchase.
TC (15/07/15)
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