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Heavy Duty Anti-Slip fabric – by the metre


Anti-Slip fabric – bulk roll (12″ wide)

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Heavy Duty Anti-Slip fabric – pre-cut roll


A durable anti-slip fabric for all those areas that get rough treatment.

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A 4mm deep heavy duty version of our eco-friendly, patented StayPut PER® (Polymer Environmental Resin) provides cushioned protection and an Anti-Slip surface in high load-bearing environments.

The StayPut PER® Anti-Slip fabric is constructed by melding the resin onto a mesh, supported by polyester fibres. The result is an open weave fabric that allows air to circulate and moisture or spilt liquid to drain straight through whilst continuing to provide a slip resistant surface.

Tough enough to use on the work bench when using tools such as routers, or when drilling slippery surfaces as it will protect a shiny surface from scratches, so if you are working on a high sheen or untreated wood surface, there are no worries about marking the ‘good’ side.

The natural breathability of the material means it works well in lining tool lockers, and particularly gas bottle lockers in caravans or boats etc, as any trapped moisture will naturally dissipate, and in the boot of your car, or van, it will stop everything from the dog, or weekly shop to wedding cakes from slipping and sliding around.

When servicing a car, the heavy duty cushioning will act as an efficient non slip drape over the bodywork, protecting the paintwork and stopping any nuts, bolts or tools from sliding off and scratching the bodywork.

Easily cut with sharp scissors or craft knife

Machine washable at 40°C; allow to dry naturally.

Size: 45.7 x 183cm (18″ x 6′)

StayPut PER® has been successfully tested for harmful substances and holds the following manufacturing accreditations:
• OEKO-TEX Standard 100-Product Class 1 (safe to use for baby articles)
• FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Food Grade standard
• European Commission (EC) – REACH
• ROHS standards – SGS CE-2007-C8168

Fabric properties:
• UV stable: will not fade in sunlight
• Fire resistant
• Biodegradable: pop it into the compost bin at the end of its life and the enzymes in the soil will break down the fabric
• Non-toxic
• Latex and rubber free
• Odour free
• Safe to use on any surface: standard PVC can have a chemical reaction with certain Polyurethane, or high gloss surfaces causing surface bubbling, or marking the surface
• Environmentally friendly


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