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Anti-Slip table mats – individual


Anti-Slip table mats and coasters – 4 place sets

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Anti-Slip twister grips


Improve your grip when twisting off caps or twisting tools. Great for protecting surfaces too.

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Anti-Slip Twister Grips are circular fabric disks made from our eco-friendly, patented StayPut PER® (Polymer Environmental Resin). They improve your grip when removing stubborn lids, or when using hand tools. keep one in the kitchen drawer or the tool box, you’ll be surprised how frequently you reach for it.

As well as helping you to remove stubborn lids, these twister grips are also ideal as protective cushions between stacked china or used under plant pots and ornaments to protect paintwork. They also double up as drinks coasters and match with our table mats.

The StayPut PER® Anti-Slip fabric is constructed by melding the resin onto a mesh, supported by polyester fibres. The result is an open weave fabric that allows air to circulate and moisture or spilt liquid to drain straight through whilst continuing to provide a slip resistant surface.

One of the most versatile fabrics you will ever come across, StayPut PER® can be used virtually anywhere: around the home, car, motorhome, caravan, garage, boat and at work. Certified as safe to use around food and safe to use around children.

The Anti-Slip properties mean that items are kept firmly in one position. It’s ideal as a drawer liner to prevent cutlery etc. from sliding around and scratching, as a shelf liner, under computers, on trays, in tool boxes or even under pet bowls.

Whilst the fabric stops items moving and slipping it is itself completely non-adhesive; making it easy to remove and reposition as needed without marking or damaging surfaces.

Machine washable at 40°C; allow to dry naturally.

Pack includes four discs

Size: 14cm diameter

StayPut PER® has been successfully tested for harmful substances and holds the following manufacturing accreditations:
• OEKO-TEX Standard 100-Product Class 1 (safe to use for baby articles)
• FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Food Grade standard
• European Commission (EC) – REACH
• ROHS standards – SGS CE-2007-C8168

Fabric properties:
• UV stable: will not fade in sunlight
• Fire resistant
• Biodegradable: pop it into the compost bin at the end of its life and the enzymes in the soil will break down the fabric
• Non-toxic
• Latex and rubber free
• Odour free
• Safe to use on any surface: standard PVC can have a chemical reaction with certain Polyurethane, or high gloss surfaces causing surface bubbling, or marking the surface
• Environmentally friendly

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Almond, Black, Indigo Blue, Pearl White


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