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Heavy Duty Anti-Slip fabric – by the metre


Anti-Slip fabric – by the metre (12″ wide)

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Anti-Slip rug to hard floor underlay – by the metre


A discrete slip resistant rug underlay cut by the metre to the length you need. For rugs on hard floors – i.e., wood, laminate and tiles.

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StayPut rug to hard floor underlay is designed to stop rugs creeping or sliding on wood, tile or hard floors. So, it not only helps to prevent accidents caused by slipping and tripping, but also allows you to vacuum rugs without chasing them round the floor. The fabric is made of a 1.5mm foam melded to a 100% polyester mesh, to ensure it holds its shape even when trimmed to fit, and even after washing.

Cut for you by the metre in a 90cm or 183cm wide piece. Just order the number of metres you require in the box and you will receive it as a continuous piece. Bulk rolls in both widths are also available – 30m of underlay ideal for any multi-use environment.

We also supply three pre-cut pack sizes which will fit most rugs:

  • 60 x 120cm (23 x 47″)
  • 100 x 150cm (35 x 59″)
  • 120 x 180cm (47 x 70″)

The rug underlay holds the rug in place without adhesive, and without damaging the rug or the floor. To ensure the underlay is able to stop slipping and sliding it is recommended that the underlay should fit under the full area of the rug within approximately 5 to 10cm of the edge, the underlay can be easily trimmed with scissors to fit.

Washable at 30°C – allow to dry naturally.

We recommend that the underlay is lifted and washed every few months to remove any dust or bits that have accrued, and left to dry naturally, before relaying in position. Please note: Attempting to lay a rug with just strips or corner areas of the rug laid on the underlay will not prevent the rug from moving, the whole of the underside area needs to be in contact with the underlay. Whilst the underlay works extremely well with most rugs on most hard floor surfaces, it is not suitable as an underlay for a rug or runner that is an offcut from a carpet, as the backing is quite different to a rug backing.

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183cm, 90cm


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