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Anti-Slip plate protectors


Padded protection keeps plates and bowls protected from chips and cracks during storage.

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StayPut ECO PER® plate dividers are the perfect way to protect plates and dishes from scratches and chips when stacked thanks to our lightweight eco-friendly, patented StayPut PER® (Polymer Environmental Resin) fine mesh fabric.

The fabric is constructed by melding the resin onto a very fine polyester mesh. The result is a lightweight, 1.4mm thick open weave fabric that allows air to circulate and moisture or spilt liquid to drain straight through whilst continuing to provide a slip resistant surface and protect against chips and breaks to crockery.

Whilst the fabric stops items moving and slipping it is itself completely non-adhesive; making it easy to remove and reposition as needed without marking or damaging surfaces.

Pack includes 12 large circular discs

Size: 18.5cm (7.25″) diameter

Colour: Pearl White

Machine washable 40°C; allow to dry naturally.

StayPut PER® has been successfully tested for harmful substances and holds the following manufacturing accreditations:
• OEKO-TEX Standard 100-Product Class 1 (safe to use for baby articles)
• FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) Food Grade standard
• European Commission (EC) – REACH
• ROHS standards – SGS CE-2007-C8168

Fabric properties:
• UV stable: will not fade in sunlight
• Fire resistant
• Biodegradable: pop it into the compost bin at the end of its life and the enzymes in the soil will break down the fabric
• Non-toxic
• Latex and rubber free
• Odour free
• Safe to use on any surface: standard PVC can have a chemical reaction with certain Polyurethane, or high gloss surfaces causing surface bubbling, or marking the surface
• Environmentally friendly


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