Santa Claus may be coming to town, but so too are sub-zero temperatures, slippery roads, and other winter hazards. The winter months can be dangerous for a number of different reasons. In 2014/15, there were 2,919 hospital admissions as a result of falls due to snow or ice. Always looking out for your safety, Practical Surfaceware have compiled a list of products to help you stay safe and sound during this cold and dark time of year. 

1. Anti-slip Slipper Sole Fabric

Last Christmas, you gave me a new pair of slippers; but the very next day, I slipped over when I was taking the bin out and badly bruised my thigh. Slippers are an extremely popular Christmas present. They keep your feet nice and warm at a time when your home can be at its very coldest. However, they’re not the grippiest footwear available. That can be easily remedied with Practical Surfaceware Non-Slip Slipper Sole Fabric. Just trim it to the right size and sew it to the sole of your slippers, and you can be sturdy, sure footed, and warm - all at once.

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2. The AA Winter Saftey Car Kit


When you’re driving home for Christmas this year, it’s important to have a selection of Winter safety essentials with you. That way, if you have an unfortunate emergency, you will be prepared. The AA Ultimate Winter Car Kit comes with some must-haves, such as an emergency snow shovel, a high-vis vest, and de-icing salt. It also comes with a foil blanket, so if you do get into trouble and have to be rescued, all the way home you’ll be warm.

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3. Autoglym De-icer

Every year we dream of a White Christmas. Unfortunately in the UK, this hasn’t been a common occurrence since the 1850s. What we do get in abundance, however, is bitter cold mornings and thick layers of ice and frost on our car windscreens. It’s crucial that you clear this ice properly before driving your car, as you don’t want to drive with impaired vision. Autoglym De-Icer is a premium product that can quickly solve this problem. Spray it on windows, mirrors, and headlamps and you’ll be on your way in no time.

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4. Practical Surfaceware Anti-slip Tape



If you’re dreaming of a white, but also accident-free, Christmas, you need to be aware of the different hazards that are made more dangerous by the weather conditions. Over the Winter months, rain and snow can turn a simple set of steps into a serious hazard. However, with our anti-slip tape, you can make steps around your house safer. The tape is long life and can be applied directly to wood, metal, concrete or painted surfaces. It is quite simply a highly effective way to improve safety on steps and stairs indoors or outdoors.

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5. Nest Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm


If you’re planning to roast chestnuts on an open fire this Christmas, there are some fundamental fire safety practices that need to be observed. Whilst all homes should be fitted with smoke alarms, not as many are fitted with carbon monoxide alarms. Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of wood-burning fires, and exposure to this odourless, colourless gas can cause carbon monoxide poisoning. Nest Protect is a smart smoke alarm that also detects carbon monoxide. It’s an awesome product with some advanced features, although other more basic carbon monoxide alarms are available for a lower price. Make sure you install a carbon monoxide alarm so you can sleep easy and have a silent night.

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6. Avalanche Safety Kit (for the more adventurous)


Skiing is a hugely popular Winter sport and each year, thousands of snow-mad brits travel to Europe and North America for a week or two of sliding down mountains. For the more advanced skiers among us, nothing beats a load of fresh powder and venturing ‘off-piste’. Off-piste skiing can always be a risk, so those doing it must be aware of the potential dangers. Avalanches are a genuine risk, and having an avalanche pack like this can be the difference between life and death. Wise up on your mountain safety, and avoid a blue blue Christmas.

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