Since baking became a national pastime again, we have had quite a lot of customers call us who bake cakes and particularly celebration cakes as a business or just as a passionate hobby, and need to transport them in the boot of their car or back of their van, obviously without them coming to any harm! Don’t think a bride would be too pleased with a dented wedding cake.

But what do you do? Frankly, the same applies to transporting a special dessert to a ‘bring the pud’ dinner party or taking a casserole to Grandma’s.  

Cakes, particularly celebration cakes are typically delicate with raised decorations, icing etc. as will be your carefully frosted Christmas Log, so you can’t pack or box them tightly to their sides, and if even if you pack other items around them, if you brake or swing round a bend sharply, the packing can end up causing more damage than if it hadn’t been there.

Practical SurfaceWare to the rescue, a length of ECO PER® fabric or Professional Heavy Duty will do the job, keeping your box, tin or container in place, without slipping or sliding around – but just remember to make sure anything else in the vicinity is not able to roll around or topple over, or your cake will be a sitting target.

                                                                      Anti Slip Fabric in back of a van