Whether you’re a wilderness pro or a first-time camper, our ‘Must-Haves guide’ gives you the top camping essentials that will make your trip far more practical this year.We show you the best products to ensure you are safe, comfortable and raring to go.

Here is our ‘Must-Haves’ guide for both camping and caravanning holidays, helping you have both a practical and fun trip this summer. This list can be adapted depending on whether you and your friends or family are holidaying in a tent or caravan!

The Basics

● Tent & pegs and a Mallet! (or caravan & awning if you have one!)
● Sleeping mat & sleeping bag, pillows (plus liners)
● Cool box or bags
● Cooking stove,
● Kettle, and at least one saucepan or frying pan
● Lantern & torch and batteries!
● Wash bag with toiletries & towel
● First aid kit
● Food and drinks
● Eating/drinking tableware
● Washing up liquid, bowl and/or bucket
● Outdoor furniture (camping chairs/table)
● Clothes/Shoes/Spares (plus bag for dirty washing)
● Games, paper and pens and favourite storytime CD’s or DVD’s for the kids
● Insect repellent and Sun Cream
● Toilet rolls

Handy Extras

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Non-Slip Mats, Trays and Tablecloths - these products are great for preventing spills, especially if mealtimes are going to be a balancing act on your lap, so an anti slip tray might prove especially useful for keeping your campsite area clean and tidy. It can also mean less washing up and more time relaxing!. Our outdoor tablecloths are one of our summer best sellers, ideal for dressing up the camping site wooden benches, and come in Mediterranean Blue and Summer Green!

Caravan camping tablecloth      Antislip Tray in Caravan  Caravan Non Slip Mat

Anti-Moisture Mattress Underlay’s are a brilliant invention for keeping your camping bed free from condensation and comfortable throughout your trip, particularly if the weather is hot and humid. The soft, air layer fabric is ideal for helping to prevent moisture under your mattress in your caravan or tent. The underlay creates an air gap which allows air to flow underneath, helping to resolve moisture build-up and stop mildew growth under mattresses and seating cushions. It can be easily cut to size and is easy to store away if you want to, giving you more room to move about in by saving space (it’s also machine washable, and dries really quickly).

                               Airmat anti moisture underlay     Airmat Technical Diagram     Anti Moisture Underlay close up

Warning/Hazard Tape & Non-Slip Fabric Rolls - very useful for any space or surface that needs to be non-slip or to give a visible warning for yourself, children and the elderly. Warning tape can be handy for the edges of any waterproof matting you might have outside the tent or to mark areas where you’ve had campfires or there has been broken glass etc. Non-slip rolls are super for drawers, cupboards, trays etc. to stop items moving about, causing spillages and creating accidents! If you line your drawers and cupboards before you start your journey, it should prevent the contents from ending up in a heap when you arrive at your destination.There are a wide range of colours to fit in with your colour scheme and the fabric can be easily cut to size, making them suitable for any area or surface.

                         Anti Slip Warning Tape     Non Slip Drawer Lining     Non Slip Shelf Lining

Car Boot Liners - perfect for preventing accidental damage in the boot of your car whilst travelling, preventing items rolling or sliding around, or even the dog!. The fabric can be easily cut to fit compartments on your caravan, which need a non slip hardwearing material, such as where the gas bottles are stored The material is a thick,durable 4mm, so can withstand the weight of your camping gear and will not tear easily, the mesh design also allows moisture to dissipate easily. It can also be washed, should anything be spilt during transit.

                                                                                Car Boot Liner

Non Slip PVC - this material is flexible, hardwearing and waterproof. The clear PVC gives a glass effect without the issues associated with glass, making it both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The red PVC is great for areas that need to be more visible due to its eye catching colour. You may find this sheeting is useful for protecting surfaces in your caravan and can be cut to the right shape and size. We also stock the PVC cut into placemats and coasters, available in Clear, Red or Green.

 PVC Clear, Red and Green  PVC Red Tablemats in Caravan  Clear PVC on a Table top   PVC Green Tablemat in Caravan

Silicone Trivets - the best way to protect caravan worktops, ceramic hobs, or dinner tables from heat damage from hot pans and discolouration. Usually trivets are metal or iron which can scratch surfaces, and they are usually of a shape and size that needs space! They could even be used for hot pans when cooking outside on the grass, so not to burn the grass or area where you’re camping! These trivets can fold away neatly in a drawer and come in two funky colours, making them ideal for your camping trips this year!

                             Silicone Trivet folded for drawer    Silicone Trivet Dinners coming! 

Caravan Shower - If you are lucky enough to have a caravan with a shower unit, you may find it tricky to find a non slip shower mat to fit. Our Wet Room Matting is just the job, you can cut the fabric to the size and shape for your unit, it’s machine washable, and if you lift it to dry between uses, it will dry in no time.

                                                                 Wetroom Matting for caravan Shower

We hope you find this guide useful and now have some great new ideas about how to make your camping trip both easier AND more enjoyable!