So we were delighted when a regular customer called us to place another order for Professional Heavy Duty ‘By the Metre’ and told us it was for the stompboxes he made! Not something we were familiar with, so he not only explained what a stompbox was, but sent us pictures too!

So what exactly is a stompbox? And what difference does the Non Slip Professional Heavy Duty fabric make? Read on….

“I make stompboxes. A stompbox is a simple wooden percussion instrument played by tapping or “stomping” on it with one's foot to produce a simple rhythm accompaniment. They're usually used by guitarists or singers. I use your non-slip heavy duty fabric glued under the bases of my stompboxes to stop them moving while being played – it works perfectly. It's the best product I've found for this purpose.”

The Professional Heavy Duty is better than the thinner 2.4 non slip materials and ideal for this type of application as it has a thick 4mm cushion, is extremely durable and very hardwearing. 

Available on a roll - Click here for details   or     'By the metre'    Click here for details.

And what does it look like?

This is the top of the Stompbox.                                                          And this is the base with Professional Heavy Duty applied.

The top of a Stombox                   Stompbox with Non Slip Heavy Duty Base