If you are looking for something practical yet beautiful for your kitchen, and are fed up with where to put the spoon you are stirring your sauce with, then look no further.

Bex Simon is an extremely original and unusual artist, an unusual phenomenon - a female blacksmith - whose mission is to create functional art using a broad range of metals and production techniques and to keep art as the focus of creative, tactile and innovative design, her spoon rest is made from cast iron, so unbreakable! but is washable and practical and while ordinary ceramic spoon rests are forever sticking to the spoon and smashing on the floor, this sturdy piece will stay firmly put.

The attractive and clever design, which is common to her kitchen design range, incorporate contours of the soft organic form, so has the cups and bumps common to this range, but which work extremely well in allowing the spoon to drain on the raised bumps, and not sit in a pool of liquid. The spoon rest comes in a beautifully designed box as well, so lovely as a gift.  Click here for product page


Designer Spoon Rest