*HOT NEWS* We're delighted to let you know we have finally found the perfect purpose made non slip material designed for sewing into indoor slipper soles, or in fact a variety of other uses as well.

We know that many home crafters have been searching high and low in the UK for this type of material, without much success, so after many requests we were determined to find the right material. This robust, tough 100% waterproof fabric is easy to cut and sew, tear and abrasion resistant with excellent non skid properties under both wet and dry conditions, and it's washable.

Whilst we were looking for a slipper sole fabric, in reality it could be used wherever you need a solid non slip surface that is flexible and needs to be sewn into something else, so slippers, the soles of babygrows, knees, shoulder straps we're sure there are more possibilities.

The material is manufactured in a fabric called TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers) a recyclable form of rubber, which does not contain any heavy metal or halogenated ingredients (such as PVC) and is manufactured to strict environmental standards meeting RoHS standards.

Available in 2 colours - White and Grey.  You can buy it either in a pack of a single size piece of: 30cms x 67cms, which is large enough to make 4 adult size soles from or we can cut a length of as many metres 'By the Metre' as you want, from our 135cm width rolls.

Example of a lovely pair of home crafters crocheted slippers Non slip material for sewing into slipper soles

Click here to go to the single pack size.                               Click here for 'By the Metre'