We love these NEW Anti-Slip folding Silicone Trivets and such a great price!  Click here to take you to the page.

Trivets are the best way to protect your kitchen worktops, ceramic hob, or dining room table from heat damage and discolouration, and if you've ever found (as with one of our team) that your other half has just put a heavy straight out of the oven casserole on your new high gloss black tile worksurface and cracked it! you will know what we mean.

But most trivets are metal or iron which can scratch your surfaces, and they are usually of a shape and size that needs space! This trivet is light, nice to handle and folds up neatly to fit in your kitchen drawer.

Being 100% silicone it will not conduct the heat from the hot pan, and is safe to pick up after removing the hot pan. We have tested these with everything from the roast in its tray and the yorkshire puds (yes we made the yorkshire's below!!) to a very heavy casserole dish all straight from oven at about 200 degrees, all of which sat happily on the trivet and damaged neither the trivet, the hob top or the tiled work surface, the trivet was also great on the dining room table (on a cloth) with a hot dish of veg on top.

and we also love the cool colours! Available in Lime Green or Purple

Casserole on Trivet The sunday Yorkshires