Have you got a beautiful new kitchen worktop? or a kitchen worktop which you are doing your best to keep unmarked by hot pans.

We recently introduced to the Kitchen Accessories range Anti Slip Silicone Trivets, and from our own experience we cannot rate these simple, inexpensive kitchen gadgets highly enough. Incredibly heat resistant, anti-slip, easy to clean and will fold closed to fit easily into a drawer. We have since been told quite a few stories of why these are a boon in the kitchen or on the dining room table.

Dont let this happen to your kitchen worktop.......

                                           Example of Burnt Kitchen worktop  Marked worktop  Damaged Worktop    use.......

          Casserole on Trivet  Pyrex and Trivet  Trivet in Drawer  Purple and green trivet

One customer had a beautiful new black marble worktop put in, her husband took a heavy iron casserole out of the oven and put it on the worktop, not expecting that the marble would be affected – it cracked! Apparently there can be small elements of metal running through the marble, and if these are heated up quickly it can cause a split in the marble. Refilled and re-polished (a not inexpensive exercise) she now has the Silicone Trivets to hand at all times.

Another customer with a Formica worktop briefly put a saucepan on the worktop, which left an unsightly large brown ring, which no amount of scrubbing will remove, only solution a new worktop or cover it up with a chopping board! And keep a silicone trivet to hand in the future.

We have put the trivets through a raft of home tests, putting everything from heavy iron griddle pans – literally smoking hot- from the top of a gas stove to roasts, casseroles and Pyrex dishes straight from the oven and the trivets work perfectly, unmarked by the heat, and importantly not transferring any heat to the surface below. Being Anti Slip there isn’t any worries about the pan or trivet sliding off the worktop and they are easy to clean – Dishwasher proof as well and at only £5.95 an absolute bargain!  

If you take pride in your unmarked kitchen worktop or dining table, and want to keep them that way, get yourself a Trivet or two and with Christmas coming – they will make a great stocking filler for house proud or accident prone friends and family or to sit under the Christmas Turkey!