The Isagi Anti Slip Trays we stock get a rating of ‘Fantastic’ from Buckinghamshire MP!

We must admit we already thought the anti-slip trays we are stocking from Isagi were good, and we’ve all got one now to use at home, but it seems word is spreading, and if you’re stuck for ideas for Christmas presents, these smart, practical and inexpensive trays may just be the answer.

MP Cheryl Gillan has praised a company’s new non-slip trays as ‘fantastic’ after testing to see how they help people with mobility problems. Former Cabinet Minister Mrs Gillan bought a tray from Isagi Ltd after visiting the company – and was so impressed that she now vows to purchase more for Christmas.

The ‘unique’ lightweight trays are made from a special material which grips plates, cups and saucers, ensuring they do not slip around or fall while being carried to the table.

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“I was keen to try the products for myself as various family members have mobility problems and I think these could be helpful,” she said. The MP later told Isagi: “The trays are fantastic – so much so that I am planning to order several for Christmas! “They provide a marvellous invisible grip on things, so, for people who might be a little unsteady or wobbly on their feet, the tray provides a secure base for a glass or whatever is being carried on it.

                                                                      Isagi Anti SlipTray

They also grip your lap if you are using them to eat a TV dinner. “The tray feels secure without being bulky as the cushioned lap trays can sometimes be.”

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