If your charts aren’t all laminated, but you want to draw your course on a chart whilst sailing, be able to wipe it off for next time, and keep your charts dry, we have what you’re looking for.

Our PVC High Clarity Glass Clear sheeting is flexible, tough and hardwearing, this clear 2mm depth PVC is an ideal alternative for areas that need waterproof protection, but you still want to see the surface underneath, such as on a chart table. The PVC sheeting gives the effect of a glass surface, but without the problems associated with glass, so you can write on it, mark out your course with a white board marker, chinagraph pencil or tailors chalk, and then just wipe it off at the end of your trip, ready for next time, and your charts will last considerably longer as a result!.

Importantly for a boat the PVC is manufactured from self-extinguishing flexible PVC, which will not support combustion, and it is manufactured to food quality standards. It also provides ideal protection against hot cups and plates up to a maximum of 65C.

Clear PVC Sheeting on a Chart table so you can still see the chart underneath

The PVC sheeting is easily cut to size or shape with craft knife or scissors, so it can be shaped to fit specific areas, and it comes in 3 widths: 30cm, 100cm & 120cm all available ‘by the metre’ and cut in one continuous piece.

For those who would like the full technical spec:

 ISO 9001:2000
 UK HSE Approved
 ISO11014 -1
 Canadian Food Inspection Agency Approved
 2005/618/EC ROHS Compliant
 MSDS 91/1/155/EEC & European Directive 2002/95/EC