How To Host The Perfect Summer Barbeque


Summer is here to stay! With temperatures soaring higher than ever, it is only right that you invite your friends and family around to have a barbeque. Read on to find out the best tools and tips for hosting the ultimate barbeque this summer.



As the host of the party, it is your job to ensure that everyone has the right food. Classic barbeque feasts will have a mixture of food that is on offer; an example of a great collection is burgers, halloumi, picnic savoury snacks, veggies and houmous. Ideally, you will tailor your barbeque to the guests that are coming, if there are vegetarians, strictly beef burgers may not be the best option.


Making sure that you have enough food is key! When you mix relatives with alcohol, all constraint is thrown out the window. So make sure that you buy everything in abundance, otherwise it could be your drawers getting raided! Good quality barbeque produce can normally be purchased from your local Greengrocer and Butcher.


Drinks are vital when having a barbeque. The popular drinks at the moment the Gin & Tonic and Craft Beers, if you’re not interested in alcoholic drinks. Why not try out one of these strange soda flavour’s. Whatever you drink make sure it doesn’t spill with these non-slip individual placemats.




Outdoor Space


It's a beautiful thing, roasting in the sun, just make sure that you apply factor 50 before you end up looking like a raisin. On the other hand, you could consider putting out a gazebo for your guests. Why not try the Airwave Pop Up Waterproof Gazebo? It’s a perfect space for your guests to relax out of the intense heat, it even has enough room for a television to keep your guests entertained.


Keeping everyone comfortable in the garden shouldn’t be difficult with these comfortable bean bags from Muji, they can be used outside and are perfect for lounging on in all sorts of positions. Want to sit up and watch your food being cooked? You can. Want to have a nap? You can. Want to kick back and relax? You can. You need this bean bag in your life.



When a number of people gather in the same place there is bound to be spillages. To be on the safe side you should consider using the all-weather outdoor tablecloth. This will protect your table from any liquids/foods that could potentially cause a stain or corrosion.


all weather tablecloth£22.00





Having a great selection of tools is key to a great barbeque, not because they can help to create the ultimate grilled food but because they can be doubled up as an entertainment system to keep your partygoers entertained.


Our choice barbeque would have to be the Portable Solar Cooker from GoSun, this solar stove relies entirely on energy from the sun to cook your favourite meals. Not only is it eco-friendly but you can take it anywhere since it is easy to pack up and carry.




Are you always burning the burgers? Maybe you should consider getting the Maverick PT-100 Pro Temp, this will help you to determine exactly when your food is safe to eat. This is great for putting your mind at ease when barbequing chicken, as we all know how daunting that is.


With cooking comes cleaning, and we all hate that bit. Luckily, with 21st century technology you don’t have to anymore. With the grill bot, you can relax while this robot clears your grill gunk for you. If you did the cooking, why should you have to do the cleaning as well?


If you purchase some of these products from the guide above, you will certainly be crowned the king of summer by your guests. If you’ve already had your summer barbeque, there is always next year.