At the Yoga show, 2 years ago we had a few samples of the yoga towel, and they disappeared in a matter of hours, now we’ve finally got them as a stock item.

Ocean Bamboo Microfibre Yoga Towel Ocean Microfibre Yoga Mat


The Yoga towel is dual purpose, made of a super soft bamboo microfibre, its incredibly absorbent, but unlike a lot of yoga towels, it has a non slip backing. So it can be used for ‘hot’ or studio yoga on top of a standard yoga mat, giving you the absorbent surface, but with the grip to stop the mat rucking up, the wetter it gets the more grip it has!

If you’re travelling or going to a retreat, and you want a lightweight mat to take with you, at only 540grams, and less than a 12” square when folded it isn’t going to blow any space or weight issues, and we love the colour, a lovely two tone sea green and blue. The key thing though is if you have a mat that is geared towards getting damp and sweaty, it’s got to be washable and quick drying, and this one certainly ticks that box. A quick cool wash and let dry naturally (no heat please!)

Oh and green credentials – well bamboo is one of the best natural sustainable resources, and the non slip underside is PER® which is Oeko-Tex 100, completely non-toxic and Biodegradable.

The Microfibre Yoga Mat is a standard depth 4mm, the topside is a luxurious, double loop, super absorbent microfibre in a vibrant sea blue with a contrasting honey coloured edge, and the non slip underside ensures the mat won’t slide around during practice.

As with the yoga towel the wetter it gets the more absorbent it is, so when you start your practice you may need to give it a light mist spray with some water in the areas where your hands and feet will be working, once you’ve warmed up nature will take it’s course. We think both these mats are the bees knees!