Our Anti-Slip products can be used in a variety of ways around the home, making flooring and other surfaces safe for your family.

But they can also be very useful for pets, too! Our non slip fabric is non-allergenic, non-toxic, UV stable (it will not fade), does not rip or tear, it’s biodegradable, and the best part? It’s so durable it can last for YEARS!

For cat and dog owners

Anti-Slip Fabric can be great for putting under cat or dog food bowls to stop them from moving about the kitchen floor during messy mealtimes! One of our lovely customers agrees:

‘I have 3 dogs and a tiled floor in my kitchen, I have tried all various ways of feeding my dogs without their need to chase their food bowls all over the kitchen floor including buying bowls with rubber attached to the base of the bowls which is not practical, unhygienic and quite costly. I have now found that solution, my dogs are very happy that they don't have to chase their food around now.’

The anti-slip fabric can be cut to a size to suit you and is available in multiple colours to suit your kitchens colour scheme. What’s great about the ECO PER Anti-Slip Fabric is that it’s washable - either by hand, in the washing machine or even in the dishwasher!

For horse riders and owners

In addition, anti-slip fabric is an ideal solution to prevent horse riding numnahs and cloth’s from slipping whilst riding:

‘I cut it and placed it under the saddle cloth, and no saddle slipping! It’s a miracle’. Our anti slip fabric is also more cost effective than gel numnahs and grippy cloths, whilst still allowing air to flow through. The ECO PER anti-slip fabric is non adhesive and is great for showing purposes as it can be trimmed to a size to fit underneath the normal numnah or cloth. Even if you do wish to show the anti-slip fabric, it comes in a range of colours to either blend in with the horses coat or in a more vibrant colour such as chilli red or electric blue, to match your ‘show colour’!

The fabric can also be sewn into your numnahs or cloths. Even as the horse gets sweaty, the anti slip fabric does not slip or slide, it continues to provide a non slip surface. Ideal for race horses too - racing saddles have to be much lighter than ordinary saddles.

We have heard on horse forums such as this one http://horsegossip.proboards.com/thread/31036 that anti-slip fabric is also ideal under the racing saddles due to the fabric being so lightweight and thin. The anti-slip fabric can be washed in the machine along with the rugs and numnahs as normal. Simply hung out flat to air dry naturally, it will be ready for use within a few hours. Our handy anti-slip fabric can be bought by the metre and comes in a variety of great colours.

To get yours, please visit: http://goo.gl/kVkTTv