Press Release 13th February 2009 – For immediate release

What do an Offshore Supply ship, an Elderly Care Home and a Dog with a broken hip have in common?

Answer: A need for a Non-Slip solution that Practical SurfaceWare; a niche Non-Slip ‘One Stop Shop’ retailer has resolved. Practical SurfaceWare has now launched their new ‘on-line shop’ to give customers greater choice and an easier more enjoyable shopping experience.

We are frequently informed through Health & Safety campaigns, and government statistics that most injuries within the home and workplace are caused through accidents involving slippery surfaces, whether that’s at home, (Statistics show that around 60 people every day need hospital treatment because of an accident in the bathroom), or in the workplace.
In general terms, finding the right type of non-slip material, for the right job has not been easy, and if you needed more than one variety, i.e. Non-Slip Tablemat, and Non-Slip Rug Underlay, or Non-Slip Drawer Liner and Non-Slip Work Bench Mat, that would typically involve trekking (or clicking), around at least 3 different types of retailers, if not more.

Practical SurfaceWare Ltd has re-designed the unique on-line retail site;  to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for customers non-slip solutions. The launch of the new site sees an improved choice of colours and sizes of non-slip fabrics and new non-slip products that are useful in everyone’s daily life and provide a solution to many of today’s slippery problems.

Jane Guilbert (Sales & Marketing Director) says: “For the new site it was important to work with an experienced and professional retail site Developer. Screen Pages have worked with many high profile retail sites and they did an excellent job. The site needed to be easy to use and navigate, particularly as our products have so many applications and serve a broad market sector. Whilst it is relatively easy to search the internet for a specific non slip product like a bath mat, frequently our customers aren’t sure which non slip fabric would work best in their situation, so our site has been set up so that you can navigate by product type i.e. Non Slip Fabric Rolls or by product use i.e. ‘in the Kitchen’ or ‘DIY’. 

The site also has a section on ‘Ideas for Use’, as customers with a problem provide a lot of original suggestions for uses. Examples of the more unusual requests include, the customer with a Great Dane who had just returned from the vets with a heavily plastered broken hip, and the hallways in the house were all polished wood!  Practical SurfaceWare uniquely sell Non-Slip Fabric in larger than normal widths ‘By the Metre’, so 6 metres of the extra width standard fabric ensured the poor dog didn’t ruin the vets work sliding down the hall. Or there was the horse rider who needed Non-Slip fabric to go under her saddle, and the Offshore Supply Ship that wanted to keep the dinner plates from sliding off the galley table in the North Sea.” 

Of course the majority of customers just want to order a good quality Non-Slip Bath or Shower mat, Placemats for serving trays, a roll of fabric to stop items falling off the shelves in their Caravan or Boat or a Non-Slip Outdoor Tablecloth, and the new site provides a simple way to do just that.

Practical SurfaceWare are proud of their customer service policy which ensures that unless it’s a customised order, there’s a fast 24hr turnaround from order to despatch, and all orders over £25.00 are FREE Delivery, as Lindsay from Northumberland recently wrote: “A big thank you for your impressive service, delivered today. I am more than happy with the product. It stays put and is comfortable.”

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