2016 Must-Haves for Dogs

With over 46% of households owning a pet, they are without a doubt our partners in life and adventure. They greet us when we get home, keep our lives fun and exciting, and love us unconditionally. We believe your pets should be celebrated and that is why we have compiled a list of must-have products that your pets need as we approach the wet and muddy season ahead.


FitBark Dog Activity Monitor

We take such care of ourselves when it comes to our health and fitness, but sometimes we can forget about our pets. The Fitbark Activity Monitor is a new way of monitoring your dog's everyday activity and sleep and uses it to get an insight into your dog’s health and fitness. Weighing just 8 grams, it won’t bother your dog, is waterproof and all its data can be accessed remotely via Bluetooth to your smartphone with the free App.

Buy the FitBark Dog Activity Monitor on Amazon or get more information at FitBark.


Car Boot Liners

These anti-slip heavy duty liners are perfect for your pets. Stopping any unwanted rolling or sliding around whilst driving and preventing any damage to the car boot itself, these mats are comfortable and will protect your pet whilst the car is in motion. Made from 4mm deep PVC open-mesh foam melded onto a strong 100% polyester mesh, the liners can be cut to size without losing its shape or anti-slip qualities.

Buy the Car Boot Liners at Practical Surfaceware.


TRIXIE TX6 Automatic Pet Food Dispenser

Perfect for owners who work or find themselves away from home during the day, this Automatic Pet Food Dispenser will help to control your pet's diet. Up to six portions can be programmed into the device, only revealing the food inside when it reaches the time you’ve chosen, to avoid overfeeding. Each bowl holds a 240 ml serving of wet or dry food and is dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning. The control panel has a protective cover to prevent your pet from accidentally changing the dispenser’s settings and the whole device is battery operated. Great for young pets to get them into a routine.

Buy the Automatic Food Dispenser online or in Pets at Home stores.


Personalised Pet Bowl Mat - Non-Slip PVC

Perfect for families with more than one pet, the Pet Bowl Mat keeps your floors tidy of excess food and provides each of your pets with a designated area to eat. Each mat can be personalised with your pets name and even their picture. Made from Anti-Slip PVC, your dog’s bowls won’t slip and slide all over the kitchen floor and your floor is protected from spilt food and water. The PVC is free from all heavy metals, cadmium and phenols making it perfectly safe for your pets. These mats are easy care; just wipe and dry.

Buy the Personalised Pet Bowl Mat at Practical Surfaceware.


iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher

Have an energetic puppy that wants to play ball all of the time? Want to be able to relax, or get things done, whilst your dog has fun? Then look no further.

Powered electrically, the iFetch shoots the ball into the air at a low speed. When the ball has been fetched, your dog drops the ball into the top slot where it can be launched once again.

For more information, visit iFetch.



When taking your dog for a walk, it can be a struggle to fit everything you need into your coat pockets or bag. An essential item for long walks is a water bowl, another is a frisbee. But what if both of these items were one and the same...

The ThrowBowl flies like a frisbee and is strong and durable so it can handle any of your dog’s antics. And when your furry friend is tired and thirsty, simply unfold the sides and fill it with water. Voila! A splash resistant bowl. It should only be used for water, however, as the oils in dog food can jeopardise the integrity of the rubber. When you want to clean it, simply hand wash it in warm, soapy water.

For more information and to purchase the Throw Bowl, go to Longpaws.