2016 Motoring Must-haves for Cars, Motorbikes and Vans


Did you know that the average British motorist will spend three years and four months driving over the course of their life? That's the equivalent of 29,492 hours in the driver’s seat! Whether you drive a car, motorbike or van, why not make your journeys a little more enjoyable this year with the 2016 Must-Have’s. We’ve put together some of our favourite fun, functional and futuristic products:


It's illegal to use any handheld device such as a phone or tablet whilst driving or riding a motorcycle. This rule applies if you are stopped at traffic lights or queuing in traffic. Navdy is the motoring technology of the future and will stop you reaching for your phone when it next rings. Using voice recognition, intuitive gesture motion sensors and Navdy’s transparent Head-Up Display which projects information within your field of view. You will never have to avert your eyes off the road again. It easily connects with both Android and IPhone phones, showing notifications such as texts, phone calls, calendar, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Google Maps, Whatsapp, weather alerts and more.

To find out more about Navdy view the product page on Amazon


Motorcyclists make up 1% of the overall UK road traffic, however they are involved in over 7,000 serious accidents a year. Why not make your journeys a little safer with the SKULLY AR-1 Helmet. It features a built-in 180° Blind spot Camera and a semi-transparent Heads-Up-Display allowing you to focus fully on the road ahead. It can also display your speed and audio/visual turn-by-turn GPS.


Find out more about Skully’s ingenious design: https://www.skully.com/

Road Shower

Whether you’re out camping, hiking, cycling, surfing or dog walking, it’s always difficult to keep everything clean and not bring dirt and mud into your car. The Road Shower mounts onto your car rack and allows you to carry a 5-gallon water reserve. It is pressurized by the use of an everyday bike pump and the solar panels heat up the water inside. Why not use it on boots, bikes, surfboards, pets, dishes or even yourself!


Find out more about this portable solar shower : http://roadshower.com/

Non-Slip Dashboard Mat

Do you often find things slipping and sliding off your dashboard whilst driving? Whether it be money, sunglasses or even your mobile phone, save it from falling off with the Dashboard Mat. It is non-slip, cushioned and washable and can be custom cut to fit the shape that you want! Available in grey and black.

Buy the Dashboard Mat online at Practical Surfaceware.

Digital Stove To Go

If you are no stranger to camping or long journeys, you may find that meals can become a little limited or even repetitive. Why not invest in a Burton Digital Stove To Go, giving you the ability to eat car-cooked meals. It will reach temperatures up to 180℃ and has a steamer tray for vegetables and fish. A recipe book is also included, giving you instructions on how to cook a range of meals including macaroni and cheese, stews and pies. And once you’re done, it can be cleaned with the Road Shower!

Find it on amazon: http://goo.gl/EF3qNf

Batman Brake Light 

Have you ever dreamed of driving the Batmobile? Turn your dreams into reality with this Batman Brake Light Decal. Made of quality Vinyl with ready-to-cut instructions it is guaranteed to spice up your car. With the ability to cut it into 3 sizes, it is sure to fit!

The Batman light decal is available from a range of sellers on Amazon and eBay.

Non-Slip Car / Van Boot Liners

With non-slip liners, you can prevent items from moving around in the back of your van or car boot, as well as protecting items from damage and keeping your car or van clean and tidy. Made from a 4mm deep PVC open-mesh foam melded onto a strong 100% polyester mesh, it is thick and durable. Cut it to fit any shape and it will retain its structure and anti-slip qualities even after spillages. They are easily removed and easy to clean, simply put it in the washing machine!

By the Van / Car Boot Liners online at http://www.practicalsurfaceware.com/car-boot-liners.html

Non-Slip in Action!

Recently a customer sent us images of their motorbike, with the pillion seat re-upholstered with our non-slip fabric to give passengers more grip on the seat for safety and stop them sliding into the driver when braking! What a creative way to use it, just goes to show that the possibilities are endless! Feel free to tweet us in your creative ways of using our non-slip fabric.