An article in the Daily Mail on Saturday 30th Aug 2014, reported on the removal from shop shelves of children’s loom band charms, by the largest independent toy retailer: The Entertainer, following concerns that they may contain potentially harmful chemicals, (Phthlates) banned in toys on sale in the European Union for several years. Click here to link to the article in the Daily Mail.

We are frequently asked the question, so what is the difference between the products you sell, and a roll of non slip PVC fabric, yoga mat or bath/shower mat etc., I can get in my local market or store?

Well this article makes one of the reasons very clear, whilst the EU has banned Phthalates from children’s toys, these chemical softeners are considered to be extremely toxic to humans and to the environment, and therefore we think it is most probably a good idea to limit exposure to them for young and old.

We know our materials, in their usual use on the dining table, in the kitchen drawer, in the bathroom or for leisure activities are almost certainly going to be in contact with your skin, and so its re-assuring to know that these chemicals are not present in any of the PER® products we sell.