Answer: We know the problem! Easy answer is a piece of the Lightweight Fine Mesh fabric, it is the thinnest material we offer, which doesn't raise the cushion, but does give excellent non slip grip between fabric materials and a wide range of surfaces commonly used for chairs or seats such as wood, painted wood, melamine, leather etc.

It cuts easily with scissors, and if anything does get spilt ...can be washed in a low temperature cycle or hand washed and it will be dry before the next meal time!

You can either just place the material under the cushion or sew it into the underside. We have customers who are using it under cushions on everything from pressure cushions on wheelchairs to Church pews! See pictures below:

The fabric is available in White or Black, cut 'By the Metre' from a 36"/90cm width roll. Click on this link to take you to the page.