Sadly, after such a great weather sailing season, we have come to that point in the year where it’s time to lay up the boat for winter.

For many of us there’s two parts to this exercise, the first is to take off the boat, all the paraphernalia that we wore ourselves out putting on board earlier this year, the second is to put back on the boat the winter cover, and essential tools that may be needed for doing some touching up and maintenance over the winter.

If you use a winter cover on a frame, you may have noticed that you can get quite a lot of wear, marking or scratching on either the underside of the cover or it can slip or slide on the frame, but what is durable enough to keep the cover in place, withstand the weather and effects of the wind, reduce damage to the cover and will keep going year after year?

Well, like most people trying to save money wherever possible, we have tried offcuts of carpet wrapped around the cover wood frame, secured with electrical tape, it works. But on the downside, the carpet gets wet and stays wet longer than the cover, it doesn’t really stop the cover from slipping, during the course of the winter with the friction between carpet and cover the carpet starts shredding bits of fluff and wool pile all around the deck, and realistically you will most probably only get 2 seasons max out of the offcuts.

So, as we like to test all our products, 4 years ago, we decided to use some of our Professional Heavy Duty fabric along the top of the wood frame. We attached relatively small rectangular pieces, wrapped around and secured with electrical tape, it worked perfectly season one. With the 4mm deep thick cushion and anti slip qualities, the winter cover had stayed central on the frame all winter and showed little signs of wear against the fabric, as the fabric is free draining it also prevented the contact areas from staying saturated. In the spring removing it from the frame was easy, the tape just pulled off without damaging the surface, ready for next season.

          Winter cover frame on boat – bow view                                          Winter cover frame on boat – stern view

      Winter cover frame on bow of boat                           Frame for boat winter cover stern

Last weekend, with the boat out of the water and in its cradle, we put the frame back ready for the winter cover, the heavy duty fabric was re-taped back into position its 4th year in service, no sign of wear or tear on the heavy duty fabric at all. Professional Heavy Duty is available in rolls 18” x 72” or ‘By the Metre’ in a 55”/140cm width. Click here to take you to the page.