2016 Kitchen Must-Haves

With summer here and all the fresh produce available, it’s the perfect time to get in the kitchen and try out some recipes. These must-have kitchen gadgets are sure to help you out!


Lemon Squeezer

There are many different squeezers on the market but it is difficult to find the perfect one that gets all juice from the lemons but doesn’t let the pips out. This Marks and Spencer Lemon Squeezer is easy to use and the force created by the design will have the lemons juiced in no time with no pips. Great for cakes, salads and pancakes!


Buy the Lemon Squeezer online or in Marks and Spencer stores. 

Silicone Trivet

When placing down hot pots and pans, it's important to protect your kitchen worktops or dining room table from heat damage and discolouration. Many trivets can be bulky, made of metal which will scratch surfaces, or can be difficult to store. These Silicone Trivets are light, easy to handle and can be folded to store neatly in your kitchen drawers. They will withstand temperatures of up to 200 degrees and are available in lime green or purple.


Buy the Silicone Trivet online at Practical Surfaceware

Uutensil Stirr

Ever felt like you needed a helping hand in the kitchen? The Stirr from UUtensil is sure to help you out. It’s an automatic pan stirrer, which has 3 different speed settings. Simply place the device into your pan and it will travel around stirring gravies, soups and casseroles. This means there is more time for you to get on with other things. The legs can be detached and put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


Find out more about the Uutensil Stirr on their website

StayPut ECO PER® Fridge Drawer Liners

The StayPut ECO PER® Fridge Drawer Liners from Practical Surfaceware are great for keeping salads and fruit fresher for longer by reducing moisture build up in the draws of your fridge. The liners cushion produce and help prevent bruising. The material is food grade, free of rubber and latex, and is mildew resistant. It’s machine washable and also biodegradable so you can throw it in your compost heap when it is no longer needed.


Find out more about StayPut ECO PER® Fridge Drawer Liners online at Practical Surfaceware.


Who doesn't love toasties! They are perfect for lunch or even as a snack, but why buy a toastie machine when you already have a toaster! These Toastabags from Lakeland are mess-free and easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe. They are made from Lakeland’s Magic Non-Stick Liner and can be reused up to 500 times. Simply place the sandwich into the bag and pop it into the toaster.

Find out more about Toastabags online.

Jenaluca Herb Scissors

Cutting up herbs can be a long and lengthy task, particularly if they need to be very finely chopped. Why not save time and make the task easier by using the Jenaluca Herb Scissors. The scissors have 5 blades so two snips will cut the equivalent of ten knife chops. These scissors can also be used on deli meats, dried fruits, onions and chives. They are super easy to clean as the protective cover has a cleaning comb attached, making it easy to push any herbs off that have clung to the blades.


For more helpful kitchen aids check out the range at Practical Surfaceware.