If you are now re-sorting the wardrobe for the warmer weather, you are most probably faced with the usual frustration of lightweight tops and dresses, particularly those flattering boat or wide v neck tops, or worse strappy ones! which absolutely refuse to remain on a hanger, as soon as you go to the wardrobe they slide straight off the hanger onto the floor.

Well we have a handy tip, tried and tested by us!

All you need is one small roll of PER® Non Slip fabric, which will most probably be more than is needed for your complete wardrobe! and some scissors and double sided tape or a needle and thread. Typically your top is staying on a hanger precariously like this….

Typical hanger with clothing falling off


Cut 2 pieces of fabric about 3 or 4 inches width, and depending on the type of hanger between 3 and 5 inches long. Wrap each piece around the shoulder areas on the hanger about half way up (you may want to put a top on the hanger first to see where the shoulders sit on the hanger).

Non Slip Fabric on hanger        Non slip fabric complete on hanger

Then just tape, or put a few stitches in the fabric where they overlap. Et Voila!

Hanger Complete

You can now happily rummage through your wardrobe, without spending the next half hour, hanging everything back up again. Also good for trouser hangers, that do not have a non slip bar on the hanger.