With the sun shining and the promise of warmer days, the keen gardener will be planning to plant up the hanging baskets, ready for a beautiful summer display, but do the baskets look as appealing as they did last year?

Here’s a crafty, quick and cost effective idea to brighten up the baskets, for a really colourful display. There are lots of bright colours to choose from, so you can co-ordinate with the colours of plants you are going to use, or just go mad and do several different colours.

Follow the pictures and steps below: Assemble; sharp scissors, a measuring tape, a marker, and a length of string.

Step 1 Making a Basket Liner     Step2 Making a Basket Liner

Take one roll of StayPut PER® fabric, depending on the size of your baskets you should get up to 4 liners from a roll. Measure from the centre of the base of the basket to the rim.

Cut a length of fabric which is double the length from the centre of the basket to the rim. Take your marker and attach a length of string, cut the string to the length of the centre to the rim. Hold the end of the string in the centre of the fabric, holding the marker at full stretch, draw a circle.

Step 3 Lining Hanging Basket     Step 4 Lining Hanging Basket

Cut out your circle.

Then at intervals cut from the edge of the fabric to within a few inches of the centre. This is so the fabric will neatly fit in with the slits overlapping each other. Place the fabric in the basket.

Step 5 Lining a Hanging Basket    Step 6 Lining a Hanging Basket

Using some polythene, an old emptied compost bag is ideal, cut to fit inside, it doesn’t need to be exact as you will not see it, and make a few holes in the bottom for drainage. Then put in your compost about three quarters full. You are now ready to start planting up, don’t put in too many plants remember they will spread. Top up with compost just below the rim of the basket, and trim any polythene to soil level. Water well, and hang.

Step7 Hanging Basket almost ready    Step 8 Planting up Hanging Basket

Within a few weeks the plants will fill out and start overhanging the basket for a beautiful display. Remember to water regularly. And the great thing is at the end of the season, empty the compost and polythene out, throw the liners in the washing machine (40deg min wash, and allow to air dry) and they are ready for use again next year, or for replanting for an autumn display!

The Final Result, an attractive and colourful display or in yellow..Hanging Basket Liner in Yellow

Ta Dah!