Living with a Disability - 6 Simple & Superb Products for the Home & Garden


Excitingly, there is a wealth of innovative and useful products available and being launched that mean that everyday activities don’t have to be as challenging for those with disabilities or limited mobility or movement.

With our first-hand experience of having cared for people with mobility issues or limited use of their hands or arms in particular, we have collected together some of the most effective products that we have come across and hopefully you’ll discover something that will make everyday just that little bit more straight forward. 


Remote Control Plug Sockets

Most unmodified homes have the majority of plug sockets at a low level, just above the skirting boards. Whilst this means that plugs and wires can be kept out of view easily, it can make them very difficult to reach to switch them on and off. These remote control plug sockets allow you to operate multiple plug sockets from a single remote and really do simplify an area of building design that can be quite restrictive.

A wide range of remote control plug sockets are available from electrical retailers and DIY stores.


Double-Sided Anti-Slip Trays

Anti-slip trays are readily available when it comes to the top surface of the tray having the grip to prevent items sliding. However, these trays go a step further with an anti-slip base as well. This means that the tray stays put whether it is resting on your lap or on a surface, which is particularly useful when eating a meal on the tray, and is comfortable and ideally sized for wheelchair users. A simple solution that makes a number of activities much easier.

The anti-slip tray is available at Practical Surfaceware online.


Button Hooks

Button hooks date back to the Victorians who used them for fastening buttons, especially on stiff leather boots. Whilst vintage examples are now highly collectable, nowadays button hooks are still available and are fantastic for people with arm or hand injuries or disabilities, and also for people with arthritis or Parkinson’s Disease. They turn the potentially frustrating task of buttoning up a shirt into a much quicker process.

Button Hooks are available from a range of retailers including


Elastic Shoe Laces

This is another simple product that makes a potentially difficult task very simple, and ensures that you’re not restricted to velcro or slip-on shoes too. They can also be a more comfortable option as they do have more flexibility than standard shoe laces. No-tie shoe laces are typically available in a coil format or with locking clasps and can be found at shoe shops, sports shops and also outdoor/adventure shops.


Food Workstation

Food preparation can be fiddly and potentially dangerous if you have limited grip or use of you hands. This is a shame when so much joy can be derived from cooking, but this tool gives you a safe and versatile option and is also designed to be entirely usable one-handed. The various features are ideal for cutting, peeling, whisking, grating and even keeping your bread in place for slicing or buttering.

The Food Station is available from a range of retailers, visit Able2 for a list of retailer outlets.


Easi-Grip Gardening

Just like cooking, gardening is such an enjoyable pastime, especially if your mobility means that your home and garden are a key part of your life. The Easi-Grip gardening range includes products from long-handled trowels to arm-support cuffs, making gardening more accessible whether you are a wheelchair user or have limited grip or hand movement. They improve reach and in many cases can help prevent potential back and shoulder strain when reaching low areas.  

Easi-Grip products are available from a range of stores. Find a list of suppliers at Living Made Easy.



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