Question: 'Can you tell me how much fabric I will need, and if you will cut the fabric we need for our farm shop chilled produce display units?' asked Peterley Manor Farm. 

Well the answer was yes on both counts. We are frequently asked if we can work out how much fabric will be needed to line all the drawers and shelves in kitchen cupboards, particularly when they are just being fitted, great to start with everything in place.  And we have been asked quite a few times for custom cuts for restaurants, usually for the serving trays, or in the bar and kitchen areas.

So we have the experience, have the right fabric - ECO PER is Food Grade, Non toxic, Safe on all surfaces and washable, the right equipment (a very, very large table is essential!) and know how to go about it, to make sure there is the least amount of waste fabric, and therefore the most cost effective solution for the customer.

We start off with a list of all the sizes needed, usually there are multiples required in the various different sizes, and generally many customers cannot picture how they are either going to work it out, or cut it out neatly.  So, we calculate whether we need to start off with a full size 183cm width or a smaller size and then almost like putting pieces in place for a jigsaw puzzle, we fit the size pieces onto a template, as below:

Cutting Plan 

After agreeing all the sizes are correct with the customer, and providing a cost, we then get going.  Peterley Farm Shop is a delightful family run farm and local produce shop in Great Missenden, not far from our office, they had found some of the material in a boat chandlery about a year ago, and its still going strong ! they just put it through a wash on a regular basis and it looks as good as new, but they also needed some bigger sizes than the usual retail rolls for their chilled fresh produce units.

We cut the material from a full size 183cm width roll, and calculated the cost on the 'By the Metre' basis, and just added a reasonable cutting charge.

We delivered the order today and they were delighted, the ECO PER® Forest Green sets off the fresh soft fruit and dairy produce in the large chilled units, and the fabric stops the punnets and displays from sliding down the sloped shelves. See pictures below  - oh and yes before you ask... we had to buy a punnet of those fabulous strawberries!  You can get details of Peterley Manor Farm here

Peterley Farm Shop         Chilled Dairy Cabinet         Soft Fruit Chilled Display

If you need fabric cut to a custom size, just give us a call. We can send you sample swatches of the fabrics, or different colours to help you choose from : give us a call on: 01494 772 95601494 772 956