Sugru in the last few years has been named variously as ‘one of the 50 best inventions’ 2010 by Time Magazine, ‘Wonder stuff’ by The Independent, ‘21st Century Duct Tape’ by Forbes and The Telegraph asked the question: ‘Is this the best invention since Sellotape? Why?

Sugru is an ingenious product that can be shaped like blu-tac but after 24hrs cures to a flexible rubber that can withstand extreme temperatures, and can be attached to everything from glass and plastics to wood and metal. So a simple solution to fix things, rather than throw them away, but also a great way to customise something to the way you want it.

From repairing a split cable to a plug, to repairing a tear in a waterproof jacket, or make a car dash mount for your mobile phone to making a tap easier to handle and turn, as all these photos show.

 Repair a split cable   Repair a tear on a waterproof jacket  Make a car dash mount for mobile phone  Make a tap easier to turn

Sugru is easily moulded by hand like plasticine or play-doh to fill gaps or make whatever shape, size or seal that you need, Sugru is activated by air so you have about 30 minutes after removing it from its pack before it starts to harden.

           Sugru Pack White    Replace the foot on something  Organise your pc cables for easy access

Sugru is available in a pack which includes 3 individually wrapped packs of 5 grams each. The colours available are: White, Black or 3 primary colours – Blue, Red & Yellow. The colours can actually be mixed – by squishing them together -to produce a different colour i.e. Blue and Red gives purple, Yellow and Blue gives green, Black and white gives grey etc. so you can tone the Sugru to match the replacement part or compliment the item you are fixing.

From the garage to around the home, from boats to caravans, from broken toys to improving hand grips or even making rubber bumpers for your phone, Sugru has it covered, and its fun too!

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