It frankly doesn’t matter if you are young, old or disabled, anyone can slip in the shower or in the bath.

We hear examples from our customers, on a daily basis, of accidents caused by slipping in the shower or bath, generally resulting in broken bones of one sort or another, and a very real fear thereafter.

It’s not really that surprising that slipping accidents happen, after all you are starting off with a generally smooth shiny surface add to that running water, soap, shampoos etc. all both individually and combined slippery. So many people prefer to use a bath or shower mat, to at least provide a safe footing and minimise the possibility of slipping or sliding.

But how do you know if the mat could really be called an anti-slip mat? Particularly as there are so many different types.

In 2012 a British Standard was introduced: BS8445:2012, for exactly that reason. Up to then, any mat could be described as anti-slip or non-slip, and the only people that could dispute that, are those that still had an accident. In fact some mats are actually more dangerous than not having one at all.

We’re pleased to say that all the Bath & Shower Mats we sell have been tested to the BS8445:2012 standard. There are 3 designs of Isagi Bath & Shower mats –Bath, Shower and Corner/Quadrant Shower Mat, and all achieved the Level 1 Slip Resistance rating of the BS8445:2012 standard, as well as having an antimicrobial additive, to prevent bacteria, mould and mildew growth.

So if you want to stay safe, make sure you buy a BS standard mat, the only measure you have that separates an anti slip mat from a possibly lethal one. Click here to see what our customers say.

If you would like to understand more about the BS8445:2012 standard and what is involved, click this link which is a report from SATRA, a research and technology centre for testing safety standards, which explains what the test involves.

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