Calling all gardeners - discover a new way to wrap up for winter.

We frequently have narrow reels, effectively a slice of our fine mesh anti slip fabric, remaining from cut rolls of our fine mesh anti slip fabric. We had been trying to think of a practical use for them for some time, as they are between 25mm and 50mm width x 30 metres long, so after a bit of brain storming the keen gardener in the team came up with an idea…. use it for Plant ties. 


Having already experimented with odd offcuts for staking, and securing around the garden, she knew the fabric not only worked well, but was kind to the plants, and was pretty robust in withstanding all weathers. Typically plant tie material used to tie up larger plants or to secure fleece winter wrap is made of gardening twine, wire, plastic or rubber, all of them will do the job, but some of them can cut into or strangle the plant as wind or weather rubs the ties against the stakes. Very few, if any, are effectively anti slip or grippy to the stake or plant, unless secured tightly in place, which is not that kind to the plant.

Our fine mesh fabric is strong, soft and has an element of stretch, but also has the added advantage of grip, it will lay flat against stems and branches, giving a gentle grip over a larger area. The fabric will endure all weathers, and can be tied or knotted into position, and with 30 meters on the reel, you can cut just the length you need for each particular job. When it comes to wrapping up plants for winter, the fabric is great to secure fleece, sacking or straw, as it can lay flat against the material, can be tied in place and the anti-slip element means it won’t slide out of place.


As you can see from the pictures above and below our keen gardener has already tackled a large group of Agapanthus and a fig tree in a container both of which needed winter fleece protection. We’re pleased to report that despite the storms, strong winds and heavy rain over recent weeks, the fleece and the Fine Mesh ties have all remained in place.

     whilst taking the photos we had a little helper.......      

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