airmat™ anti-moisture underlay, is one of those unusual materials that you most probably have never heard of, or have any need for, unless you are regularly on a boat, in a caravan or motor home.

In those situations, you may find that when you feel under your bunk mattress, it feels damp caused by condensation during the night, which over time can cause mould or mildew - difficult to clean off a mattress - and make the mattress smell unpleasant.

Airmat™ to the rescue! The cleverly designed fabric creates an air gap, allowing air to flow underneath, so as you move during the night the millions of tiny nylon ‘springs’ compress and release increasing air circulation under your mattress or seating, and effectively preventing the moisture from building up underneath.

Here’s the technical pictures, that show how it works:

                               airmat - Technical Picture        airmat close up

So if you are getting your caravan, motorhome or boat ready for the season, you might find it worth considering an airmat™ to lay down before you jump on your bunk, it’s a lot cheaper than a new mattress.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers say:

Summary: amazing difference

Review: ‘amazing what a difference it makes, we hoped it would improve the condensation under the mattresses but in the morning there wasn't any, much better than any of the other things we have tried’ (Paul 03/06/15)


Review: Good quality material. Straightforward to cut/use and seems to provide a better airspace between bunk base and mattress than the material it replaced. Unfortunately haven't had a night's sleep on it yet still at the fitting out stage............But looking forward to it! (grov 21/05/15)

Summary: A good quality and worthwhile product

Review: ‘Does exactly what it claims to do and washes well. Would highly recommend.’ (Roddy 28/4/15)

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