Protect yourself from preventable falls


As your body becomes more fragile, bumps and falls in the house can be a cause for concern. According to a report the NHS, about one-third of the senior population falls each year, with many of these going unreported, it is expected that this estimate is relatively low.

With falls being the most common cause of injury-related deaths in people over 75, older people are looking for a non-slip solution. (As recommended by the NHS) Below are some of our most popular non-slip mats to ensure that you stay protected around the house.


1. Antimicrobial Shower Mat

man in shower


If you hate standing on a cold, hard shower mat, then you will love the new StayPut non-slip antimicrobial shower mat by Isagi. Soft and comfortable, the shower mat is now manufactured from the unique PER® material combined with an antimicrobial 'Silver' additive which actively fights against mould and bacteria. Lightweight and quick drying, the mat only weighs 350g, perfect to pack in your suitcase if you’re travelling.

With added strong grip suckers in a new configuration, they have successfully completed ‘Slip Resistance’ testing by Independent Laboratories to Level 1 of the BS Standard. So if you’re after a sturdy, mould free non-slip shower mat this is for you!


2. StayPut ECO PER® Fine Mesh Fabric

rolls of mat

Our StayPut ECO PER® fine mesh fabric has all the non-slip and non-adhesive qualities associated with standard equivalents without the adverse effects on Polyurethane and lacquered surfaces.

It provides a grippy surface without additional cushioning, this mat works great underneath seat cushions to stop them sliding on sofas or chairs. It's ideal for window seats and cushions on outdoor furniture. Also ideal for mattresses that slide on wood frames, like futons.

The fabric is strong and durable and easily cut to size or shape. The 100% polyester mat won't rip, tear or fray, no matter what shape you cut it into. It is easily sewn, making it ideal for applications where the fabric is to be integrated with other materials such as seat cushions, armrests and slippers.

The StayPut ECO PER® lightweight fine mesh fabric is made from a new non-toxic resin which is free of rubber and latex, odour free, and does not emit any toxic chemicals or gases.


3. Anti Slip Tread Sheet/Cleat

Suitable for use indoors or outside, these high visibility sheets can be used on steps and stairs, stair treads on non carpeted staircases, steps both inside and out, ladder steps or anywhere that you need a non slip surface and visible warning.

The sheet backing is self adhesive and easy to apply, just peel back the backing and smooth onto the surface. If needed the sheet can be easily cut with scissors to fit. The sheets/cleats can be applied directly to wood, metal, concrete or painted surfaces.