We, like most sites, love it when our customers write 5 star reviews, particularly where one of our products has solved a problem, and the summary of the review is: Eureka!

We had an email from a customer asking: ‘Would the PER® Lightweight Fine Mesh fabric be suitable to use under a sofa throw? As the throw keeps slipping because the sofa is leather.’ The customer was also concerned that anything used should not harm the leather.

We suggested the PER® Fine mesh as we know a lot of customers use the fabric for upholstery jobs, to sit under cushions on sofas or wooden seats, or to go under throws. The fabric is very light, washable and gives great grip, without any stickiness.

As an accredited OEKO-Tex 100 fabric it contains no harmful substances, latex or rubber and is safe on all surfaces, it also successfully passed the BS-EN 597- 1 & 2 test which relates to the assessment of the ignitability of materials used in upholstery. So all round the ideal fabric.

And what was our customers review I hear you ask…. ‘At long last, have found a product I can use that stops my throws slipping on the sofa. Have tried so many things before but this is really a great success. Many thanks’ Job done!

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Below is a picture another customer sent us showing the fabric on her leather sofa, where the cushions would not stay in place, until of course she laid the Fine Mesh. So if you have a slippery leather sofa problem…..here’s the answer.