We don’t often read an article in a popular magazine like 'Practical Boat Owner' aka 'PBO' (a must read for many leisure sailors), and find that one of our fabrics gets a mention.

So you can imagine our surprise when we read the Summer 2015 edition and the excellent article about ‘How to make a cockpit cushion’ by Paul Vellacott, where he used the PER® Fine Mesh fabric. The piece explains how Paul set about making some fitted cushions to sit in the GRP, cockpit of his boat to provide some much improved comfort and also a greater feeling of security while sailing.

Amongst the key design elements was: ‘They had to stay in position either when being stepped upon or when the boat was heeling’ Paul goes on to explain each stage of the assembly and gives some great tips along the way, including how he sewed the PER® Fine Mesh into the underside of each cushion for non-slip grip.

In his summary, Paul explains ‘We are particularly pleased with the non-slip material, which is so effective that we have decided against our original plan of fitting straps.’ He goes on to say ‘Since completion, the cushions have seen considerable usage including being out in a sudden storm halfway across Lyme Bay. In the process of moving fore and aft the cushions gave as much grip as the original seat, if not more, and they stayed solidly in place throughout.’

Well we are just as pleased as Paul that PER® Fine Mesh did the job, so we wish Paul many seasons of happy (comfortable) sailing. Click here for link to PER® Fine Mesh fabric.

                                                              Boat Cockpit Cushion with ECO PER Fine Mesh

If you haven't come across PBO magazine, click on this link to their website, where there are lots of useful articles and a very active users forum.