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With summer fast approaching, Brits are packing away their coats and preparing for sun, sand and sunbathing. With this guide you will be able to get the best products of 2018 to ensure that you have your greatest summer yet.


 1. All Weather Outdoor Tablecloth

outdoor tablecloth

It’s a sunny day, you can hear the birds chirping and children playing, so you decide you're going to eat your dinner in the garden for a change. Halfway through your dinner, it begins to rain (what did you expect in Britain). You have to run inside before your food gets ruined, but wait, you have forgotten your tablecloth! It matters not with the All Weather Outdoor Tablecloth; with this fantastic technology this tablecloth will stay in great condition in all weathers.

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2. Dancook 9000

firepit bbq

One of the best barbeques of this year, the Dancook 9000 doubles as a fire-pit. In the afternoon you can cook using the grill, then as the sun begins to fade you can just throw wood on top of the charcoal and sit around the warm fire as you talk the night away.

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3. StayPut Asana Yoga Mat

yoga mat

There is no time like the present to try something new and if you are interested in Yoga you should definitely give it a go this summer. The Stayput Asana Yoga Mat is perfect for yoga beginners, Pilates and general floor exercise. If you’re wondering why you should try yoga, be sure to check out our last blog.

£9.99 -


4.  H2PONG Inflatable Beer Pong Table with Built In Cooler 

inflatable beer pong table

If you’re one of the lucky few that owns a pool, this is the product for you. This beer pong table is a one of a kind with a built in cooler that you can store up to 18 ice cold drinks for you and your friends.

If you’re tired after a day of work and feel like simply floating on the water then thank goodness the table can double as a full size personal pool float. 

Don’t worry – this float is party proof with super thick, extra durable plastic.

£40.44 -


5. Insulated Wine Glasses 

A cold and refreshing glass of wine on a hot day is a wonderful thing. Take it to the next level and store these insulated wine glasses in your freezer overnight, ready to keep your wine ice cold during the day. This is perfect for when you’re lounging in the sun reading a book or relaxing by the pool. 

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Any of these products are sure to liven up your summer so why not give them a try!