How to get your house & garden ready for winter


With the cold weather fast approaching, it is time to put away that barbeque and get out your furniture covers. Below are the products you need when getting your garden and house prepared for the rainy & cold British weather.

Anti Moisture Mattress Underlay airmat™

The Anti Moisture Mattress Underlay airmat™ is a must-have for winter this year. With winter comes moist and cold air, which ultimately can result in a build up in moisture underneath your mattress and cushions.



The Anti Moisture Mattress Underlay airmat™ combats moisture by creating an air gap, allowing air to flow underneath. This resolves moisture build-up and mildew growth underneath mattresses and seating cushions. This product is ideal in your home, caravans, boats & tents.


Flame retardant and recyclable.

Sizes available: 2m × 1m, 2m × 1.5m, 2m × 2m

Colour: White


 All Weather Outdoor Tablecloth

Ensuring your outdoor furniture is safe is key during these harsh few months, which is why you should consider purchasing the “All Weather Outdoor Tablecloth” from Practical Surfaceware. This tablecloth is UV stable and fade resistant, even if you leave it outside all year round. Our tablecloths are hard-wearing & long lasting.



Manufactured from our non-slip StayPut material, this tablecloth will not only protect your table from wear, it will prevent your plates and glasses from slipping. Perfect for your existing patio, you can put this tablecloth on a table that is past its time, keeping its shape but adding fresh life. Saving you money! This tablecloth is easily washable at 40°C.


Available in round, square or rectangular shapes




140cm Dia.

137cm x 137cm

137cm x 178cm

178cm Dia.

178cm x 178cm

137cm x 230cm

Colours: Summer Green or Mediterranean Blue


 Anti Slip Tread Sheet/Cleat

Going outside means you are going to have slippery feet. This can cause painful falls if not anticipated correctly. By using the “Anti Slip Tread Sheet/Cleat” mats, you can ensure that you are safe when climbing stairs, steps, stair treads on non carpeted staircases, ladder steps or anywhere else you could need a non slip surface and a visible warning.




The sheet is very easy to apply with a self-adhesive backing, all you have to do is peel the backing and smooth onto the surface. If needed the sheet can easily be cut with scissors to fit. The sheet can be directly applied to wood, metal, concrete or painted surfaces. Make sure you don’t have any accidents this winter!