As Summer draws near, the days are getting longer and warmer, and we’re all starting to think about our holidays! Whilst camping isn’t for everyone, be it in a tent or a caravan, it is a firm favourite for many British holidaymakers. We’ve put together this short list of great gadgets and products for all you keen campers out there!

1. PSW Anti-moisture Mattress Underlay

No one wants their caravan to smell of damp or mould. Our anti-moisture mattress underlay is designed to stop condensation or damp under your mattress. Perfect for preventing under-mattress moisture on the mattress in your caravan, the underlay works by creating an air gap, allowing air to flow underneath your mattress. The underlay is easy cut to size and has a number of other applications, for example it can also be placed underneath the cushions on your sofa.

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2. Anker PowerPort Solar Lite - Solar charger

These days, most campsites are equipped with an electricity hook up, making it easy to power your electronic devices. However, there’s always the possibility of being left without power, making the Anker PowerPort Solar phone charger an extremely helpful gadget. Simply spread out the solar panels to start recharging your gadgets!

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3. WolfWise Ultralight Camping Chair

Undeniably, going camping involves packing and carrying a lot of equipment. Lots of bags, tents, cool boxes, mats, and of course, camping chairs. Camping without a good quality camping chair is not a particularly fun experience. These WolfWise camping chairs are easily assembled, weigh less than 1kg, and come with a carry bag, making them the ideal lightweight camping chair. Take some of the weight off!

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4. Big Green Egg

If you like barbecuing when you go camping, look no further than the Big Green Egg, the ultimate ceramic charcoal grill. The Big Green Egg lets you cooks in 7 different ways, it’s hard to think of something you couldn’t cook on one. Available in a range of different sizes, the Big Green Egg is the perfect option for any barbecue enthusiast looking to cook some fantastic food on their next camping trip.

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5. PSW Bug & Fly Netting Mesh

It may bother some of us more than others, but flies, wasps, and other flying insects can be a big drawback of camping. The PSW bug and fly netting mesh is a light, open weave mesh that can be used anywhere to prevent insect entry, and it’s ideal for use in caravans. The mesh allows air and wind through so doesn’t prevent airflow, and it can be easily seen through. Easily cut with scissors, it can be stapled, nailed, cable tied or sewn to fit any opening. It’s the perfect, flexible solution for keeping out the creepy crawlies!

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