What are Car Boot Liners?
Car Boot Liners are pieces of fabric, designed to protect your vehicle boot and items in it, from any accidental damage and mess.

What are they made of?
Our Non Slip Heavy Duty Car Boot Liners are thick, durable and non-adhesive cushions made from 4mm deep PVC open-mesh foam, melded onto a strong 100% polyester mesh. You can cut the Anti-Slip liners to fit around obstructions and they will retain their shape and qualities, without tearing. They can be easily removed from your boot for cleaning to!

                                                                     Car Boot 2015

How can they help you?
Do you ever carry large items, muddy boots or dirty clothes to and from work? Are you a busy tradesmen carrying valuable tools in your vehicle daily? Do you own children or a dog, do regular large shops etc? If so - our Car Boot Liners are for you! They will help to prevent damage and dirt in your vehicle and stop your goods sliding around in your car, van or trailer boot.

Read some of our product reviews below, where you can find out what our customers thought of our Car Boot Liners:

5 Stars from Alice: "This does the job. After trying carpets, plastic storage and boxes, it is now sheer bliss to have boot peace on our journeys. Many thanks”.

5 Stars from Ian: “Excellent result. Quick delivery and it does exactly what we wanted it to”.

5 Stars from Danielle: “Just does the job! Nothing moves around in the car boot any longer! Used the pieces we cut off to fit the form of the boot for the dashboard. Excellent product!”

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