Whether you’re taking your own caravan or renting one, make sure you think about taking extra safety precautions whilst on the move and on the site. Practical SurfaceWare understand the importance of safety and have a range of non-slip material caravan and auto products to prevent accidental breakages, spillages and even falls on slippery surfaces.

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Practical SurfaceWare’s Anti-Slip Tread Sheets and Cleats are perfect for helping to avoid those unwanted accidents. They may be used anywhere that could benefit from an anti-slip stepping surface, such as stairs and steps. Applying our Anti-Slip Tread Sheets to the steps from your caravan could prevent an excited child from sustaining an injury after falling from a slippery step.

Our Anti-Slip StayPut Placemats and Coasters are great for use in the smaller than usual kitchens. They're heat resistant up to 60°C to protect surfaces and will help to keep hot mugs or plates in position to prevent spills, leading to upholstery or carpet stains.

                                Anti Slip Placemat                 Tread sheets

We also have a huge range of Anti-Slip Shower Mats, perfect for preventing falls in your caravan shower room. Our shower mats are tested to the BS8445:2012 standard, a standard that tests the slip-resistance of bath and shower mats. Whether you’re old, young or disabled, our shower mats are ideal for adding extra safety to your caravan shower.

Stay safe this summer with Practical SurfaceWare! To find out about our full range of caravan and auto products, including PVC Sheeting, Mattress Underlay and Solid Matting, just take a look here.