Caravan & Motorhome Must-Haves for 2016


The clocks have changed and Spring is getting into full swing. It’s the time of year that our caravans and motorhomes start peeking out from under their covers and we can start to plan our trips and journeys for the year. So we have put together a collection of some of the must-have products for caravan and motorhome owners, mixed in with some fun and unusual gadgets for your next journey.


Sugru: Self-Setting Rubber

The Telegraph wrote ‘is this the best invention since Sellotape?’ about Sugru. It is an ingenious and waterproof solution that can fix an endless list of problems – from leaky pipes and rusted metal parts to broken plastic and missing pieces. It’s absolutely ideal for caravans, motorhomes and boats, where you’ll find no end of uses. It’s mouldable like plasticine and sets within half an hour of being exposed to the air.  

Sugru is available in a range of colours - buy Sugru online.



It’s not always easy to cook up a full meal in a caravan or motorhome with limited space, basic cooking equipment and a limited gas supply. The MasterPan does the job of 5 pans, allowing you to prepare a wide range of items all at once without needing a full kitchen. It’s perfect for full English breakfasts in particular!

Find out more about MasterPan -



Anti-Moisture Mattress Underlay

This is the simple solution to issues with damp, mould and mildew on your caravan, motorhome or boat cushions and under mattresses. The Airmat creates an air gap underneath your mattress or seat cushions and allows air to flow and prevent condensation or damp on cool nights and during the winter.  

Airmat mattress spacers are available in 3 sizes for you to cut to size. Buy online at Practical Surfaceware.





If you miss your coffee machine or local coffee shop whilst caravanning or travelling in your motorhome, the Minipresso is an ideal and lightweight solution. Just add coffee grounds and hot water and pump the device to deliver a perfect espresso whilst travelling or on a day out.

Buy a Minipresso at The Fowndry.




Anti-Slip Fabric

As all caravaners and motorhome users have experienced, things can move around when you’re on the road! Help keep your contents in place while travelling (or just for day-to-day use when parked) by using anti-slip fabrics. Stop your seat cushions from sliding, keep your cupboard or fridge contents in place, or ensure items don’t fly off your worktops. The ECO PER fabric is food grade, non-toxic, machine washable and bio-degradable.  

Buy ECO PER non-slip fabric online at Practical Surfaceware.





A smartphone amplifier and frisby rolled into one! Simply place your phone into the dome of the Fli-Tunes to double the volume of your speakers. Alternatively, fold away the device to create a fun flying disc for when your in the park or on the beach! 

Buy Fli-Tunes at IWOOT




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