The Must Haves for Boats and their Owners 2016

With the prospect of summer looming, the need for a relaxing holiday away has never been stronger. Perhaps, this year, you dream to be The King of the Ocean, surrounded by warm, blue water, with nothing to see but the horizon, moving with the gentle sway of water beneath you.

Whether you are new to sailing and want to try something new, or a steadfast seaman, why not check out our must-have list of useful gadgets for boats and their owners.

Anti Motion Sickness (Seasickness) Glasses

We all know that at the best of times the sea can have a strong swell or be choppy. With a limited number of motion sickness tablets you can take in a day, sometimes seasickness can be difficult to manage. So, why not try these Anti Motion Sickness Glasses. The blue, free moving liquid in the frames move with the motion of your body, tricking your peripheral vision into thinking you are moving. Although they may look silly, they will make you feel better in an instant.

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Dog Ladder

Ever wanted to take your best friend out to sea with you? Well, now you can with this handy doggy ladder that lets your dog board your boat himself after going in for a dip. This means that you no longer need to worry about dragging him in. These ladders come in a range of sizes to fit multiple boat styles.

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Anti-Moisture Mattress Underlay

This is a simple solution to solve issues with damp, mould and mildew on all your boat furnishings, ideal for cushions and under mattresses. Damp issues are usually caused by commonplace acts such as breathing, showering and cooking.  The Airmat™ creates a space between your mattress or cushions allowing air to flow preventing condensation or damp, the AG+ treatment (a product based on pure natural silver), reduces the build up of bacteria and inhibits mildew growth, as well as providing effective odour control and its flame retardant, good to know on a boat!


Airmat™ anti-moisture underlays   are available in 3 sizes for you to cut to size. Buy online at Practical Surfaceware.

Vaavud Smartphone Wind Meter

This wind meter simply attaches to the headphone jack of your mobile device allowing you to access high-resolution and personalised weather information in an instant. You are able to join the Vaavud community via the app and monitor other users measurements taken within the last 24h period. The device has a +/- 4% accuracy and is suitable for Apple and most Android devices.

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Anti-Slip Fabric

Everyone knows that things move around when sailing the rough waves out at sea, and items often slide off tables. out of galley shelves etc. Keep your items from slipping, slifing and breaking and save on your pocket by using anti-slip fabric. It will keep your worktop items in place and save your cupboard contents from moving. The ECO fabric is food grade, non-toxic, UV stable, machine washable and biodegradable.

Anti-Slip Fabric

Buy ECO PER® non-slip fabric online at Practical Surfaceware.



Scrubba is a great tool that allows you to wash clothes on the go. Just fill the bag with water and detergent and close the bag. Rub the clothes against the built-in internal washboard and your clothes are squeaky clean, just hang them up to dry. The bag is so small, that it can easily fold back into your back pocket. Perfect for your sailing trips away.

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