We recently added to our site the super NEW StayPut Anti Slip Trays. The cool, clean, modern design, is not only attractive but highly practical.

The tray top surface incorporates TPE studs, which are anti-slip to prevent plates, cups etc. from sliding or slipping ‘in transit’, which is good in itself, but the really clever part is these are moulded through to the base of the tray, so it has an anti-slip underside as well.

The trays come in 2 sizes and are great for anytime you are balancing a tray on your lap, such as the TV dinner, or in the garden, and we are getting lovely comments back from wheelchair users, as this customer reported after buying one:

I would just like to take this opportunity to report back on my recent purchase of one of your non-slip trays I purchased from the recent Naidex show. I purchased it for my husband and we both absolutely love it , it's nice and light , very easy to clean and wipe down and brilliant at keeping things in place ! Overall a brilliant product that I would rate 5 star.

In a quiet moment at a show, we had the opportunity to put the tray to the test on a swirling laboratory machine, and we were pleased with the results. Click here to see the video on Youtube.

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                                 Anti Slip Tray     Anti Slip Tray showing reverse anti slip