Usually around this time of year, we see an increase in enquiries about rugs slipping and sliding on floors, maybe it’s because in autumn we are spending more time indoors, and the creeping rug becomes a more noticeable irritation.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that there is a distinctly different type of rug underlay, for a rug on a hard floor, such as tile, laminate, wood or vinyl ; than a rug on a carpet, and one type does not work on both. So here’s the low down on rug underlays.

Hard Floor Underlay

Generally an open mesh anti slip material, as in this picture, preferably non adhesive, as adhesive types may damage the polished or lacquered surface of your floor.

Anti Slip Hardfloor Rug Underlay

StayPut ECO PER® Rug Underlay is non adhesive, easily cut to size, machine washable and safe to use on all surfaces.

Available in pre-cut sizes or if you have several rugs or a particularly large rug ; custom cut ‘By the metre’ in a 91cm/36” or 183cm/72” width Click here for the rug underlays category:

Never try to cheat on size – strips or patches of underlay just won’t work, the rug will move against the uncovered areas and still move, the underlay should be cut to size to lie within approx. 20cm /1 or 2 inches of the edge.

Regularly lift the underlay and either hand wash or machine wash at max.30 degrees and hang to dry naturally, it won’t take long to dry. You need to do this for 2 reasons, on hard floors dust accumulates even under rugs and will cling to the underlay, preventing the anti slip element of the fabric from working, washing the underlay will get rid of any surface dust. Secondly, over time the underlay becomes compressed, which again can reduce the effectiveness of the fabric, washing will renew it’s bounce.

Rug on Carpet Underlay

A very different material is used for rugs on carpets as the friction that exists between a rug on carpet and rug on a hard floor is very different. Many people tell us that their rug on a carpet, seems to be able to move all by itself. In some ways surprisingly, it does, because if you walk on the carpet in one area, away from the rug, the movement in the weave and pile of the whole carpet will move the rug, even when it may be some distance from where you have walked. Imagine a field of grass or wheat and how a breeze on one area seems to ripple across the surface of the whole area.

The StayPut Rug to Carpet underlay, is made of a fleece material, which whilst feels sticky to the touch, is non adhesive, and will not damage the rug or the carpet.

The fabric keeps the rug in place by effectively moving with the carpet surface, so as the underlying carpet moves backwards and forwards with foot traffic, it allows the rug to stay in place, but moving with the carpet. Available in pre-cut sizes or if you have several rugs or a particularly large rug ; custom cut ‘By the metre’ in a 120cm/47"or 150cm/59” width Click here for the rug underlays category:


This unusual fleece retains the ‘sticky feel even after washing, which is recommended.

Firstly if you plan to use an offcut of your carpet as a rug runner, we have yet to find an underlay that will successfully work (outside of nailing the rug down!) The reason is the backing of the carpet, which does not have fibres that can allow a ‘grip’ fabric to work effectively.

The fleece underlay may need to be trimmed with scissors to fit under the rug, which is easily done, keeping the cellophane covering on the underlay until you are ready to lay it.

It is recommended to stop rug movement, that the rug should overlap the underlay by approx. 5cms along each edge. As with the hard floor rug underlay – strips or partial lengths of underlay will not work.

Once trimmed to size, peel back the cellophane on one side and lay the underlay smoothly on the carpet in the rug position. Peel back the top layer of plastic and lay the rug on top of the underlay.

As the underlay will over time collect dust and fluff, and may start to lose it’s anti slip grip, it is recommended that every few months the underlay is lifted to be hand or machine washed at 300C. Allow to dry naturally and re lay the underlay back in position.