Answer: Mattresses typically on boats and in caravans, can become quite damp underneath, because of the environment, and tend to need some form of 'air spacer' underlay, to prevent moisture build up which causes that damp feel.

Fortunately there are such products around and we think the best one is - airmat ™ Anti-Moisture Mattress Underlay.

airmat ™ 'air spacer' mattress or cushion underlay, is a practical fabric is designed to stop any condensation or damp between your mattress or seat cushions by creating an air gap of 8mm thickness, the three dimensional fabric has millions of tiny nylon springs sandwiched between the top and bottom covering, which compress and release when you move and increase air circulation under your mattress or seating. Mattresses and cushions remain dry underneath, preventing damp which creates bacteria build up and mould and mildew growth, (see pictures below), it will also prolong the life of your mattress. The airmat will withstand considerable surface pressure, over 2 tonnes/m2 before collapse!

three dimensional picture of airmat Close up of airmat internal nylon springs

Easily cut to size and stowed away, when you don't need it, airmat ™ is different to other similar 'air spacer' products, because it has a special AG+ treatment applied, which is a form of pure natural silver, known for it's bacteria killing qualities. The AG+ treatment which is not a surface treatment, but used throughout the manufacture of the underlay, so it won't wash off when you wash the underlay. Reduces the build up of bacteria (MRSA, E-coli, Salmonella and many others), inhibits mildew growth and is also an effective odour control.

Many bunks on boats or on caravans, are not a straightforward oblong shape, and so you may need to cut the airmat to fit, it couldn't be easier, but in true Blue Peter fashion, lets show you how it's done....

First, lay your piece of airmat flat on the area you want to cover...  

Lay your piece of airmat on the area you want to cover

Second, mark out the shape you need using a pencil or similar...Mark with a pen, pencil or marker on the airmat, the shape of the area

Third, Cut your airmat with a sharp pair of scissors to your outline shape....Cut the airmat with sharp scissors to your marked template

Last, Lay your shaped airmat on the area, and lay your mattress or cushion on top....Lay your now shaped airmat in position and put your mattress on top

Ideal for bunks and seats in boats,caravans or tents, airmat is flame retardant and recyclable and is machine washable at 40 degrees. There are 3 standard sizes available: 2 mtrs x 1 mtr @ £34.00 (single bed/bunk size) 2 mtrs x 1.5 mtrs @ £51.00 (large single or small double size) 2 mtrs x 2 mtrs @ £68.00. (Double going up to King Size)

To order airmat, just click on this link and choose your size