2016 DIY Tools and Gadget Must-Haves

Thinking of kicking off a garden or home project this summer? DIY can be easy or challenging depending on the task but ultimately always rewarding. So we have put together some of the most useful and clever tools and DIY aids to help you with your projects.

StayPut Non-Slip Work Bench Mat

The StayPut Non Slip Work Bench Mat is an essential for any workbench. Use it to protect surfaces and stop tools and other items from slipping and sliding whilst you are working. Place the mat under larger tools such as tile cutters and wood routers to ensure maximum stability. The bench mat is free draining and machine washable and can be pre-cut to size for your convenience.


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Griot’s Knee Pleaser

Griot's Knee Pleaser is great for all of those DIY jobs that are tough on your knees. It is made from a soft gel that ensures maximum comfort with a water-resistant nylon and neoprene outer fabric. It’s high quality means it is long-lasting and hard-wearing, and the convenient strap is ideal for carrying and hanging it up for.


Purchase the Knee Pleaser on the Griot's website

Digital Laser Measure

Tape measures can be tricky things to manage, particularly when you want an accurate reading at a long distance. They twist and turn and are never easy to keep straight. Why not save the hassle and purchase a Digital Laser Measure from Bosch. It’s simple and easy to use with an accuracy of +/- 3 millimeters and a range of 15 meters. You just simply beam the laser towards the intended target, it’s as easy as that.


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Putting up curtain rails, shelves, pictures and mirrors can be tricky, particularly when you don’t know what is hiding behind your walls. The IntelliLaser™ Pro Stud Sensor and Laser Line Level from Stanley could save you from some nasty mistakes. It will detect wood/metal studs through multiple wall thicknesses from ½” to 1-½” . The vertical and horizontal lasers can be set together or separately to create laser cross lines projecting up to 20 feet. The laser module can also be mounted onto walls for hands-free operation.


Find out more about-about the Stanley IntelliLaser™ Pro Stud Sensor and Laser Line Lever on the Stanley website.


Sometimes DIY can seem like an endless list of fixing things. It doesn’t have to be that way with Sugru! It is described as the ‘21st Century Duct Tape’ by The Telegraph. It will fix leaky pipes, rusted metal and even broken plastic. It is strong and waterproof making it suitable for all weathers. It can be easily molded like plasticine and will set within 30 minutes of molding it. Available in different colours.

Find out more about Surgru and the range of other objects it can fix! 

Anti-Slip Tape

Anti Slip Tape is ideal for a range of DIY projects, such as on stairs and steps in your home or garden, on decking and in sheds. It can be a crucial safety feature, especially for children and the elderly. It is suitable both indoor and outdoor use and can be easily applied, just cut it to the length that you need. Available ‘By the Metre’ or in 18mtr rolls, in a range of different colours or see-through.


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