2016 Kitchen Must-Haves

As the Great British Bake Off concludes for another year, a lot of us will no doubt be inspired to take to the kitchen and create some culinary masterpieces. Handy kitchen gadgets are always coming out, making cooking and baking easier and helping us take our creations to the next level. We’ve sieved through what’s currently on the market and have created a list of a few items that no amateur chef or baker should be without.


The Drop Scale and App

The Drop Scale is the most innovative product we have found - try this out and you’re sure to win Star Baker! The Drop kitchen scale connects wirelessly to your iPad and helps you through every stage of your bake. Interactive recipes are displayed on your iPad, giving you step-by-step, visual instructions, instead of walls of text. Features like ‘smart scaling’ and simple substitutions make it the best thing since sliced bread!


To find out more about the Drop scale, visit their website

OXO Good Grips Scoop

When you’re baking cookies, cupcakes or muffins, creating equal and accurate portions can be a nightmare. Well OXO have come to the rescue, with their latest in a long line of dependable and useful products, the Good Grips Scoop. They make it incredibly easy to scoop up your sweet or savoury mixture. They absorb pressure whilst you squeeze in order to easily release your mixture in a precise ball. No more scraping your mixture from a wooden spoon!


Buy the Good Grips Scoop from Amazon or visit Oxo

Silicone Trivet

Trivets and heat resistant stands are a necessity for any kitchen, but often metal stands can become hot and can scratch your work surfaces. The silicone trivet can be folded away into any drawer or cupboard, it won’t scratch your work surfaces and it doesn’t absorb any of the heat from pans or trays. This allows it to be safely picked up immediately after removing the hot pan or tray. And, the icing on the cake, it comes in Lime Green or Purple.


Buy the Silicone Trivet from Practical Surfacewear

OXO Flour Sifter

Lumpy flour can ruin any baking recipe. Sieving flour and icing sugar has been the only way to sift and ground them into finer consistencies. But once again, OXO have come to the rescue! Their simple device, the Flour Sifter, can create sifted flour or sugar through simply putting it into the sifter and shaking it from side to side. There are lids on the top and bottom to keep your sifter, and your cupboards, clean and it is dishwasher safe.


Buy the Good Grips Scoop from Amazon or visit Oxo

Stirio Auto Pot Stirrer

The ideal innovation for the kitchen multi-tasker! You can’t do everything at once, and this fine gadget helps prevent trouble from stirring in your kitchen. The Stirio is an automatic stirrer and can automatically stir a large pot of food for 345 minutes. Gone are the days of lumpy sauces and burnt pans. It’s dishwasher safe, runs on rechargeable batteries and comes with a handy charging station.

Make stirring a thing of the past and buy the Stirio here.

Food Grade Anti-Slip Mats

Whether you’re chopping, rolling or mixing ingredients, decorating your cakes or transporting them, it’s so much safer and easier to do when your boards, bowls, plates and containers can’t slip around. The material is also Food Grade and machine washable. Practical Surfaceware also stock a range of mats and materials, popular with bakers to place under their cake containers in the car to avoid any accidents in transit, such as cakes sliding around the boot, sliding off seats or sliding around the foot wells.


Buy food-grade anti-slip materials at Practical Surfaceware.

NUSCUP Adjustable Measuring Cup and Spoon

The NUSCUP (pronounced “New-Scoop”) is the first ever adjustable measuring tool that allows you to perfectly measure out both dry and wet ingredients, and you can forget converting from cups to grams. Baking is all about precision, and this this super spoon is sure fire way to nail your technical challenge.


Find out more about the NUSCUP and purchase it here.

Nordic Ware Nonstick Round Cake Lifter

At Practical Surfaceware it’s normally all about anti-slip products, but on this occasion we’re featuring a product which is non-stick! This round cake lifter from US-based, family business Nordic Ware will go a long way in helping you to piece together your next showstopper and there’s no need to worry about breaking your cakes. Sweet!


Vonshef 3-Tier Cooling Rack

Another non-stick product! This three-tiered cooling rack from Vonshef allows you to quickly and efficiently cool your freshly baked goodies. You don’t need vast amounts of kitchen space (so it’d be handy if you were baking in the Bake Off marquee!) and it has folding legs for easy storage. This is one product you really knead!


You can buy the Vonshef Cooling Rack here.

Rubbermaid Stainless Steel Oven Monitoring Thermometer

The temperature of your oven can often prove troublesome. Make sure your creations rise to the occasion with The Rubbermaid Oven Thermometer! It is made from stainless steel, allowing it to work comfortably within high oven temperatures. Hanging directly from an oven rack, it clearly displays the true oven temperature in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. This allows you to cook food safely and thoroughly, with no soggy bottoms, and is perfect for both professional and home kitchens.


Buy the Oven Thermometer from Amazon.

So whether you’re a Baker Extraordinaire or just need some gadgets and devices to make your time in the kitchen easier, these items will allow you to fulfill your culinary dreams. Take your baking and cooking to the next level, you may even earn a handshake from Paul Hollywood!