Car boot liner: the what, where and why

Do you ever sling stuff in your boot, then roll your eyes as you turn a corner and hear whatever it is sliding into the side with a “thunk”?

Lining your boot with a piece of Anti-Slip fabric will help to protect your boot from damage, protect any items themselves from damage and prevent spillages and mess greeting you when you reach your destination.

I bought a compressor a few weeks ago when I got a nail in my tyre. It meant I could keep the tyre going on the journey home from work before I could get it in to be repaired. It’s a nifty bit of kit and now lives in the car. Unfortunately the sound system fills the usually available void in my spare wheel and so it’s been sliding around my boot in a really annoying fashion. I popped a piece of the Heavy Duty StayPut in the boot and placed the box on top. No more sliding around – it’s worked a treat!

Janet — PSW Marketing Manager

What are car boot liners?

Simply put a boot liner is just a piece of fabric that is cut to fit the footprint of your boot space. By using Anti-Slip fabric, not only do you get cushioned protection from damage, you also remove the risk of items sliding around in a noisy (and often messy) fashion.

What are they made of?

Car boot liners can be fashioned from the standard and the heavy duty Anti-Slip fabrics that we have. Available by the metre, you can buy the exact amount you need for your hatchback, estate, van or even trailer. The fabric is washable and retains its Anti-Slip properties even when wet; making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The fabric doesn’t fray so it can be cut to fit the exact shape of your boot.

What is the best option for me?

If you’re a busy tradesman with a boot full of tools, then the 4mm deep heavy duty fabric provides a more cushioned layer that will help to protect against heavier knocks by more substantial items. The original 2.4mm deep will keep muddy boots, the weekly shop, the children’s sports kit safely in one place.

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