Mats to help to your bathroom safer

Each week, we have numerous new customers purchasing our bath and shower mats due to a recent fall in the bathroom. Bathroom injuries are becoming more and more common, 61% being slips in the bath or shower, as people aren’t attentive enough to the hazards they hold.

Bruising, cuts and broken bones are the most likely outcomes of a fall in the bathroom. In 1994, Pope John Paul II suffered a broken leg after slipping in the shower, which followed with months of therapy before he was able to return to normal life. More recently, Dionne Warwick, cousin of Whitney Houston, was hospitalized for two weeks after falling in her shower.

Although the likelihood is not as high, falling in the bathroom has been known to cause several deaths, especially in the elderly.

So what are the British Standards and how do they relate to bathroom injuries?

The British Standards Institution (BSI) is a worldwide company that helps organizations to perform better, by showing them how to improve performance, reduce any risks and achieve growth. The standards they offer are an agreed way of doing things, put together by industry experts, researchers, government departments and more.

The BS8445:2012 standard was introduced in 2012, a standard that tests the slip resistance of bath and shower mats. The items will only be accredited to the BSI standard when they meet the safety requirements of the institution.

Thousands of people suffer from injuries in their bathroom every year. Ensure this won’t happen to you by making sure the shower or bath mat you purchase fulfils the British Standards, so that you can enjoy a safer and relaxed shower/bath.

At Practical Surfaceware, all of our Bath and Shower mats are tested to a British Standard BS8445:2012 Level 1. Starting at only £22.99, it’s a small price to pay for a safer bathroom.

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